Dyno Tuning Services

MWR offers full dyno tuning services for MY2000+ Lotus and Toyota/Lexus vehicles only. We do not dyno or work on other vehicle types.

Contact us for a quote or to schedule an appointment. Tuning is not a quick process so we do not offer tune-while-you-wait services; vehicle must be dropped off and later picked up when finished.

Our Dyno:

We rely on a state of the art Dynapack DAQ4 model hub dyno. It applies load to allow steady state or ramping RPM operation, absolutely critical in facilitating full tuning of an engine computer and light, part and full throttle throughout the RPM range. This dyno bolts directly to your hubs with the wheels/tires removed so inertial effects from the wheels/tires is removed from the equation and your expensive tires don’t experience any wear or damage. There is also no danger of straps coming loose resulting in vehicle damage. Maximum power capacity is 1350hp.

$99 Setup charge
$175/hr dyno time; includes tuning services and any minor mechanical work needed to facilitate tuning. 1hr minimum. Time required depends on tuning system and modifications.
$150/hr street tuning (drivability, throttle response, smoothness; we do NOT tune WOT on the street)

Here is a list of tuning solutions we currently support. Hardware and/or software purchase is needed for all except the OEM ECU retune.

ECU Master DET3 Piggyback – a capable piggyback ECU, useful for tuning low boost forced induction on vehicles with untunable stock ECUs. Maintains full OBD functionality. PnP solutions available for most of the 2000-08 Toyota 1ZZ/2ZZ vehicles. Coming soon for later models.

ECU Master Black Standalone – this is a very advanced ECU, capable of controlling VVT, VVL, electronic throttle, flex fuel, boost, nitrous… you name it. We offer plug and play solutions for most of the 1ZZ, 2ZZ, 2ZR and Evora applications.

Apexi Power FC – an old favorite for the 2000-05 cars with 1ZZ and 2ZZ engines.

OEM (Stock) ECU Retune – using our powerful software package we can retune your ECU for many combinations of modifications. Currently we can retune:

2005, 2006-12 Elise, Exige, 2-eleven
2010-2016 Evora, Evora S
2017+ Evora 400+ Variants
2005-06 Corolla/Matrix/Vibe 2ZZ ONLY
2009-13 Corolla 1.8L
2014-18 Corolla 1.8L

HP Tuners – retune of your stock ECU using HP Tuners software. Available for:

2005-15 Tacoma 4.0L V6 (1GR-FE)
2007-15 Land Cruiser 5.7L V8 (3UR-FE)
2007-18 Tundra 5.7L V8 (3UR-FE, 3UR-FBE)
2007-18 Sequoia 5.7L V8 (3UR-FE, 3UR-FBE)

Other Systems – we still support some other tuning solutions; inquire before scheduling your dyno appointment.