2GR-FE V6 Swap – Elise/Exige S2

Monkeywrench Racing started swapping the 2GR-FE 3.5L V6 into the Elise/Exige chassis long before Lotus realized what a great combination it is. The wide power band, instant response and simple naturally aspirated configuration make it an excellent setup for street or track.

Bring your car to MWR for a turn-key install! We can perform the swap on any 2005-12 model Elise, Exige or 2-eleven.

As installed our basic package generates 325+ hp. Add stage 1 cams and tuning for 350+ hp naturally aspirated. Want more? We have options for factory Lotus supercharger, built high compression 3.7L engine, you name it.


  • Low mile Toyota 2GR-FE engine, fully inspected and tested for condition
  • Brand new Toyota E153 5-speed manual transmission with factory LSD (stronger than factory Evora transmission)
  • Brand new MWR custom axles, mounts, shift adapter
  • Custom programmed Toyota ECU with OBD2 (will have error codes, will not pass emissions), custom wiring
  • Modification to trunk area (small decrease of available volume, aluminum wall is added)
  • Cold air intake
  • Full length long tube stainless header system
  • High flow 3″ racing catalytic converter
  • High flow 3″ stainless muffler
  • Aftermarket Racepak fully programmable digital dash
  • All labor and dyno tune


  • Factory type radiator will work fine on the street though they are prone to end tank failure even in unmodified cars. Strongly recommend upgrading to a quality aluminum radiator
  • We can connect the V6 to your factory front mounted oil coolers or eliminate those and use the V6’s factory oil/water cooler
  • Add greddy emanage ultimate to allow custom fuel, spark and rev limiter tuning. Strongly recommended if upgrading cams, pistons, or complete engine build
  • Upgraded camshafts will take you from
  • For install in the Elise we can cut out part of the factory engine lid to provide clearance or you can add an aftermarket or custom engine lid

Cost for the basic install is around USD$19950 including trade in of your old engine and transmission. Supercharged installs start at $29950.