K20 / K24 Honda Engine Swap Install – MR2 Spyder Manual

The early 1ZZ engines are now notorious for piston ring failure and oil consumption, especially in the MR2-S. If you want maximum naturally aspirated power from your engine swap then the Honda K20 and K24 are your answer! Fit is great, upgraded 6-speed transmission is included, SIGNIFICANT power and torque improvement over Toyota 1ZZ or 2ZZ engine.

Our most popular install:

  • K20A2 (Acura RSX) engine, low mile,  220+hp / 165+ ft-lb
  • 6-speed RSX transmission, low mile, fully inspected
  • Hondata ECU, custom dyno tune on our in-house dyno
  • PPE long tube header and high flow 2.5″ cat
  • PPE 2.5″ sport muffler
  • Innovative swap engine mounts (4)
  • Innovative shift mechanism
  • MWR cold air intake with K&N filter
  • MWR swap parts including custom axles, clutch hose, wiring adapter
  • New Exedy clutch, new steel flywheel, OEM flywheel bolts
  • New slave cylinder, belt, belt idler, O2 sensor
  • NGK Iridium spark plugs
  • Expert install labor
  • Full dyno tune and dyno chart
  • Synthetic engine oil, synthetic gear oil, K&N oil filter
  • Deduction for trade in of your old engine and transmission in any rebuildable condition included in price
  • Sales tax included

$13495 out the door!


  • Upgrade to K24 2.4L (240+hp / *195*+ ft-lb) (+995)
  • Upgrade to close ratio helical LSD transmission (+$499)
  • Upgrade valve springs and cams – 280+ hp possible (+$1495)
  • Functional air conditioning (+$849)
  • Convert your car from SMT transmission  (+$2950)
  • Fidanza ultra lightweight aluminum flywheel (+$175)
  • High capacity and racing clutches
  • NA engine builds with high compression pistons, big bore, ported head