Manual Transmission Conversion – MR2 Spyder SMT

Toyota’s SMT transmission gets unreliable as it ages and repairs can be complicated and expensive. Performance is also not exciting.  Monkeywrench racing has the solution! We convert your MR2 Spyder SMT to full manual transmission functionality using a mixture of top quality Toyota OEM parts and our own custom made adapter parts. Better durability, more simplicity, sportier manual shifting, clean OEM-like install!

Cost for Monkeywrench Racing to perform this conversion on your car at our facility, including all labor, fluids and sales tax is approximately $4895. This includes trade in of your old SMT hardware (removed during the job) regardless of condition. This cost is accurate for good running SMT cars and those with SMT system malfunctions. If your transmission’s internals or your clutch are damaged there will be additional cost involved in repairing/replacing those components. Price is the same for 5- and 6-speed SMT cars.


  • Upgrade from Toyota OEM ECU to Apexi Power FC programmable computer ($1299) and custom dyno tune ($275)
  • Install replacement clutch, new gear oil ($999)
  • Swap your 5-speed transmission for a 6-speed transmission with your choice of final drive ratio ($1495 plus the $999 for labor and clutch / gear lube replacement)

While we’re at it we can of course perform any other upgrades or repairs you would like.

Note that regardless of options, the OEM cruise control will not be functional after manual conversion and cannot be made to work. MWR aftermarket cruise system can be added if desired for additional cost.