MWR 2ZZ Swap Engine and Trans Quality

Why buy 2ZZ longblocks or 2ZZ swap packages from MWR??

If you look around you might find a ratty, undocumented 2ZZ engine in a local wrecking yard or a “totally good, bro!” JDM engine for under $2000. Seems like a good budget option. MWR’s engines and swap packages sell for more than that… what do you get for your money?

  1. Compression tested engine. We buy from absolutely the best and most reputable importers and US based engine facilities. The stuff from random, non-specialist JDM and wrecking yards is frankly a nightmare. Even the top tier engines we purchase come in with inadequate or uneven compression at least 30% of the time. We catch this issue and either use those engines to build up with aftermarket pistons (partial performance rebuild) or just plain tear them down as cores for our race engine builds. Customers only get the ones that test perfect. Buy elsewhere and you may get some kind of guarantee but they’ll still send you any old engine, and if there is a functionality problem you’re out dozens of hours of labor and hundreds in shipping charges.
  2. Full inspected engine. We check for obvious things like leaks, and replace any seals or gaskets needed, but we go much deeper. We remove valve cover and check the cam drive system, cams and rockers. 100% of our engines get new lift bolts, which often includes a broken lift bolt repair which can take a couple of hours.  Further, it’s amazing how many of these “checked good!!” engines come in with wiped out intake cam lobes or other issues. We replace cams, rockers and any other valvetrain parts that are at all questionable, along with timing cover, front cover seals etc disturbed during the repair. Oil pans are replaced if damaged.
  3. External parts on swap engines. Many JDM engines come in with smashed intake manifolds, broken throttle bodies, etc and that is the buyer’s problem. Our swap engines are prepared with all of the external equipment as detailed in the listings and they’re all guaranteed good to install and use as is. We even rework or replace the idle air control valve to ensure correct operation- NOBODY else even checks them.
  4. Swap kit transmissions are REBUILT. C series transmissions are good performers but after 20+ years of service nearly all of the ones we get in have grinds into gears, leaks etc and are not suitable for use as is. Rather than leave any risk to our customers we now rebuild **100%** of the transmissions that we supply with our swap packages. That means all 6 brand new OEM synchro rings along with any other bearings, gears, hub rings, seals and forks as needed. This can often cost us over $1000 in OEM parts plus the associated labor. You get a solid smooth shifting transmission, we get a happy customer.