MWR Customer: Shannon Sims

Monkeywrench Racing Features: Shannon Sims, of Midland Texas

Shannon has another great 7th gen Celica, but this time, it’s a GT!

These shots are from his local area in Texas.
Onde again, Shannon tells the story better than we can, so you can read it in his words:
I purchased this car from a used car dealership in an adjacent town.  I remember saying out loud “I’m not going to do anything to it”.  I slowly but surely abandoned that statement!  I started out with the basic traditional mods: CAI, Header, ZEX wet nitrous kit, and exhaust. This just didn’t do it for me.  So forced induction was the only option next in line for me.  I started out with, lets just say a very unpopular turbo kit that caused a lot of frustrating nights in the garage.  I later found out about Monkey wrench racing. I gave them a call and they literally help me get my Celica up and running.  Matt and Gary from Monkey Wrench Racing have been a creative and resourceful extension.  The pictures are of my old set up which was:
  • Garrett DBB Gt2871
  • Stock Automatic Tranny
  • Crower Rods
  • Wisco 8:8:1 pistons
  • MWR FPR kit
  • MWR 255lph fuel pump
  • MWR 630cc Injectors
  • AEM Wide-band Air fuel Ratio Gage
  • GreddyEmanage Blue
  • Nitrous inter-cooler ring
  • Apexi digital boost controller
New set up is currently in the building stages: here is a list of the new mods
  • 6speed Celica GTS tranny swap
  • MWR Chromoly Ultralight Flywheel
  • RPS Max Street Clutch
  • MWR bushings
  • Fidanza short throw
  • Crower stage 2 turbo cams
  • Crower springs and retainer set
  • MWR Valves set
  • Three angle valve job
  • Garrett DBB GT30R Turbo
  • TiAl 50mm BOV
  • Wide-body Kit
  • Greddy Emanage Ultimate
  • Custom inter-cooling piping set up and Apexi muffler
The car started out with a automatic tranny and its been ripped out and replaced with a GTS 6 speed tranny.  The car is just about complete, once it is I will send dyno videos and new pics.  Thanks to the guys at Monkey Wrench for there hard work and dedication to the 1zz and 2zz platform.  I have known these guys for about 3 years now and they have been a great help!

If you would like to have your car considered for the Monkeywrench customer of the month, please send an email to [email protected] and include as much as possible about your build including pictures, dyno sheets and timeslips when possible.

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