MWR Lotus Elise V6

Updated: scroll all the way down to see the new SUPERCHARGER option!!!

We’ve been doing these for a couple of years now, sorting out a very clean install requiring minimal modification to the car. I’m extremely happy with the results and it’s nealy impossible to wipe the grin from your face after driving this car.

Build Specs:


  • 2005 Elise body/chassis, minimal mods, minor weight reduction
  • 2010 Evora 3.5L V6
  • MWR cold air intake
  • MWR long tube stainless headers
  • MWR stainless v-band dual exhaust
  • Magnaflow high flow muffler
  • E153 5-speed transmission with LSD (good for 700+ hp)
  • Final weight: 1980 lbs (38%F/62%R)


Dyno results, all tested on our Dynapack dyno:

  • Stock NA Elise: 159whp / 115wtq
  • Exige S240 supercharged: 212whp / 154 wtq
  • MWR Elise V6: 295whp / 275 wtq

That’s approximately 340hp and 320 ft-lb!

Update: with some more traction and a full 295whp on tap the car has now run [email protected]:

The install:
We do not need to drill even a single hole in the car’s chassis/frame. 100% bolt-in. The rear clam’s trunk area is modified a bit to clear the rear cylinder head but most of the trunk is maintained. Suspension geometry and function are unaffected. Note: previous owner of this car modified the fiberglass behind the doors – this is NOT necessary for this engine swap. The previous owner had also removed some parts such as the stock oil coolers and the air conditioning but all other street equipment and full interior remains. Weight of an unmodified Elise with this swap would still be well under 2100 lbs. That is LESS than a supercharged car with the E153 trans conversion. Not bad.

The intake manifold sticks up a little too high for the stock Elise lid but the Exige lid fits with modification to the latch. Don’t worry about high CG, that whole manifold is plastic and only weighs a couple of pounds. Lower and lighter than the factory intercooler.

Driving impressions: Incredible. Just look at that torque curve. If you’re cruising at 2000 rpm and stomp the pedal you GO. No more waiting. No more downshifting. I love the smoothness of the NA power delivery and the “right now” throttle response. It’s completely unlike any other Elise/Exige I’ve driven. Some turbo cars are faster but none have this sort of drivability. Weight is close to stock so handling and balance are completely unchanged on the track and on the street. It gets better fuel economy than even the NA 1.8L too.

We are performing these swaps in-house now so contact us if interested. The V6 has proven very reliable, performs incredibly, and brings with it the bulletproof E153 transmission. Win-win-win.

We are already working on supercharging and turbocharging for an absurdly fast track car. We’re also months in to developing an all-out NA V6 with more displacement and modified heads and valvetrain. No numbers on yet but we’re expecting to see 400hp+.