MWR Prepared: Unique Edge

Monkeywrench Racing Featured Customer, Joe Scott, of Unique Edge Customizing.



Unique edge is a growing company specializing it custom automotive modifications for the greater LaCrosse, WI area. They provide customization for Foriegn, Domestic, customs and classics.



Joe decided he wanted to build a serious Celica, and he knew Monkeywrench had the serious performance equipment to get the job done.



He knew for sure that he wanted a Turbocharged Stroker, but there were some details that had to be sorted out. For instance, Joe’s GTS is a bit unusual for a drag car, because it’s an automatic.



After several long phone calls, he ordered the MWR Stroker Engine and the MWR Big Turbo kit



Unfortunately, trying to spool a big ‘ol turbo with an automatic trans is a big ‘ol problem.

This was when we added a new option to our GT30/35 turbo kit, a GT2871RS. This allowed for early spool, but good power. The special V-band turbine housing we use allows for the 2871RS, the GT30R and the GT35R to be interchangable within our family of Manifold/Downpipe combinations. We do have a few race teams out there using this same combination as well.




Even the 2871 needs some help to spool, so the MWR High Stall Torque Converter was a definite must.



OK, so we have a race-built stroker motor, a turbo to push it and a converter that will let it spool. Now we just need to control everything. As any auto-trans Celica guy knows, there is no PowerFC solution for this application. And this is no place for a piggyback controller. So we went to work and developed a custom AEM EMS system for the Celica.

Joe was the first to receive the new Billet fuel rail kit with the MWR Billet Fuel Rail and FPR Kit

An APEXi AVC-R boost controller was utilized for accurate boost control.



Joe brought his car to us, all the way from LaCrosse, so that we could ensure that this combination would provide the results he wanted. And boy, did they ever.




370.9WHP in an automatic car. That’s usable HP, from off the line to full spool, not sitting on the dyno waiting for the the turbo to catch up. If there’s an auto-GTS out there that can make that claim, we’d like to hear about it.


If you would like to have your car considered for the Monkeywrench customer of the month, please send an email to and include as much as possible about your build including pictures, dyno sheets and timeslips when possible.