MWR Turbo Manifold Fab–Inside look

An inside look at Monkeywrench Racing’s Turbo Manifold Fabrication
GT25 1ZZ Collector
T25 Flange on 1ZZ Spyder Turbo Manifold
1ZZ Manifold with Turbo
MR2 Spyder 1ZZ Manifold with Turbo attached
1ZZ Manifold with Turbo
Another view of the Spyder 1ZZ Manifold and Turbo
GT25 2ZZ Collector
T25 Flange on 2ZZ Spyder manifold before connecting to individual runners
The Magic Wand
This is where the magic begins
MR2-S Exhaust Tip
MR2 Spyder Vband Turbo System Exhaust Tip Connection
Big Welds or Small
Closeup of a exhaust tip joint, this is thin material, and represents a high degree of difficulty.
These all have to be custom-fitted, they don’t just mate up out of the box.
2ZZ Vband Manifold and Turbo
Vband 2ZZ Spyder Manifold with Turbo and MVS Wastegate attached
Tial Turbine Housing on Vband Manifold
Another view of the 2ZZ Spyder Vband setup. This Header/Turbo is also used in our Lotus kits
Tial Turbine Housing and Wastegate on Vband Manifold
Yet another view of the same Vband/Turbo
Vband Manifold Turbo and Downpipe on 2ZZ engine
Celica GTS VBand Turbo Setup kit, mounted to a 2ZZ Head/Block.
Top of 2ZZ Manifold
Top View of the “Ram’s Horns” on the Celica Vband Kit
2ZZ Celica Vband Turbo Setup Kit
Complete Celica GTS Turbo Setup Kit