ARP Bolt Set (8) – Toyota 1ZZ/2ZZ/2GR/2ZR Flywheel

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This set allows you to replace your weak stock flywheel bolts with ultra high tensile strength aircraft grade ARP bolts. The stock bolts stretch during installation (torque to yield) so they’re not reusable. Upgrade!

Fits all OEM and name brand aftermarket flywheels for:
2005-12 Elise, Exige, 2-eleven all with Toyota engines
2012+ Exige S V6 All
2009+ Evora All (NOT including IPS)
1998+ Corolla/Matrix/Vibe 1.8L All
2000-05 Celica All
2000-05 MR2 Spyder All (including SMT)
All 1ZZ, 2ZZ, 2GR, 2ZR, 1ZR engines with manual transmission

Does NOT fit with automatic transmissions.

Do NOT use the OEM torque + 90 degrees with ARP bolts. See instructions:


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .5 in

4 reviews for ARP Bolt Set (8) – Toyota 1ZZ/2ZZ/2GR/2ZR Flywheel

  1. John Christian

    For my 1zz flywheel, these bolts were perfect size. Using ARP’s instructions, the bolts went in and torqued smoothly. Great product!

  2. Joseph Mohler

    I thought the bolts were too long and would not work. I was about to buy oem toyota bolts and then I decided to use these long MWR ARP bolts that I had already bought from MWR. I took my chances and they worked. These ARP bolts are longer than stock but it does not matter because there is enough space behind the crank to accommodate for the added length of the ARP bolts. It is barely enough space, probably razor thin, but it works. If the bolts are too long you will know because the crank will not turn if the bolts hit the surface of the block behind the threads. When tightening down the bolts if your crank still turns you know you are good. I had a stock flywheel and it worked great.

  3. Kyle Kirby

    I used these when upgrading the clutch in my 00 gts. I had no problem with the length using MWR’s light flywheel. It seems like they’re pretty model-specific though so i would say try to find a review with your specific setup and know there’s still a chance they might not work.

  4. Andrew Turner

    Just installed these with my Fidanza flywheel. Nice piece of mind when using all new hardware in a heavy duty clutch set up. Very nice product, I highly recommend it. for the people who say these aren’t worth it, riddle me this, would you rather build up your clutch and flywheel with the extra 45 dollars worth of bolts if it lessened the chance that you would have to go back in and re do everything? Thats how I saw it, and thats why I made the purchase.

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