Carbotech Brake Pad Set – Elise Exige Standard Front – XP8 Compound


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Set of 4 brake pads, fits all 2005-12 Elise and Exige models with standard front brakes (not Cup/2-eleven big 308mm AP front brakes)

Carbotech’s brake pads are well known throughout the racing community for their amazing braking capacity, easy modulation and high heat tolerance. You’ll also enjoy longer pad and rotor wear than you’ll get with most of the other pads out there.

For the 2005-12 Elise/Exige many racers like the XP10 front / XP8 combination; for more severe applications with very grippy tires and/or increased power you may want the XP12 front / XP10 rear combination.

Compound Recommended Usage Material Type Coefficient of Friction Max Temp F
1521 Panther Street ceramic metallic 0.47 800
AX6 Street/AutoX ceramic metallic 0.60 1000
XP8 Track ceramic metallic 0.60 1350
XP10 Track ceramic metallic 0.64 1700
XP12 Track ceramic metallic 0.66 2000

Manufacturer’s info:
A high torque brake compound with a wide operating temperature range of 200°F-1250°F+ (93°C to 676°C+). Carbotech™ XP8™ is the first of our racing compounds. Good initial bite at race temperatures, high coefficient of friction, excellent modulation and release characteristics. Extremely high fade resistance and very rotor friendly. Perfect for track day use with any tire and can still be driven safely to and from the track. Carbotech™ does NOT recommended XP8™ as a daily driven street pad due to elevated levels of dust and noise. Carbotech™ XP8™ is a great compound on the front & rear of most open wheel and sports racers.

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