Cryo Treatment – Any Gear Set



Select this item to add cryo treatment to any gear set that you are purchasing (sold separately). This may add up 1-2 weeks to delivery time. This service will cover treatment of an entire set of gears (including final drive), a few gears or a single gear; same batch price.

Whether a metal performance part is cast, forged, welded, formed, bent, whatever; the process used to make the part introduced internal and external stresses. Cryogenic tempering freezes these parts to hundreds of degrees below zero then slowly and with precise control bring the parts back up to room temperature. This process allows the metal grain structure, especially in these high stress areas, to realign itself. The first obvious benefit is reduction in these stresses which reduces premature parts failure and extends part life. Second, in some cases this process can reduce friction and heat which also results in longer part life as well as lower heat and more power.


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