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Absolutely, positively the BEST piggyback ECU that has ever existed on earth. Please read full description before purchase.

Works on all ZZ, ZR, GR platforms. If it’s a 4 or 6 cylinder platform MWR works with, this unit works on it. MWR offers limited base maps free of charge with purchase. If we don’t offer a map for your vehicle’s configuration you will need to get it tuned in on a dyno. Dyno tune is encouraged regardless, so the unit can be fine tuned for your particular car.

eManage Ultimate software is free to download, and you need only a STANDARD USB-A cable to tune. There is one catch. The software only runs on 32-bit PC’s, meaning you will need Windows 7 32-bit or Windows XP 32-bit (you can buy a functioning older laptop on ebay for well under $200) or if you are a real computer wiz you can install Virtual Machine on a newer laptop to allow 32-bit functionality. MWR OFFERS NO TECH SUPPORT FOR GETTING ANY LAPTOP TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE E-ULT. Sorry, it’s outside of our skill set and near impossible to do remotely even for a top level expert.

Find full manufacturer documentation and software can be found HERE

We sell Plug N Play harnesses for several applications, and you can use the UNIVERSAL harness for all other 4 and 6 cylinder applications. This gets you all of the functionality you need for most applications, including inputs for coolant temp, air temp, knock sensor, etc. GReddy does offer some additional harnesses for adding additional inputs and their proprietary MAP sensor – we do not currently carry or support those options. We’re keeping it simple and have found that tuning based on MAF signal works great in any application where a piggyback ECU is appropriate. MAF sensor must be retained and used even if you were to add the MAP sensor.


  • Fuel injector correction function (input your upgraded injector size, e-ult corrects automatically)
  • Full 16×16 tuning map for direct addition or subtraction of injector pulsewidth – handles large injectors better than ANY piggyback (4 or 6 cylinders)
  • Accelerate (tip-in) fueling adjustment
  • Full 16×16 tuning map for MAF signal (alternative fueling adjustment)
  • Full 16×16 tuning map for ignition timing (4 or 6 cylinders)
  • Ignition timing correction for water temp and air temp
  • Rev limit increase function (requires custom configuration during tuning)
  • Launch rev limiter
  • Datalogging (internal or with laptop)
  • Load is based on MAF or TPS. Optionally a MAP sensor can be added but this is usually not at all beneficial and is not used in any of our tunes.

Does NOT control VVT or VVL – those are not possible with any piggyback. The VTEC function cannot work for VVL (lift) because it will cause errors and limp mode.

Jumper settings for Toyota/Lotus 1ZZ, 2ZZ, 2GR, 2ZR models:
JP7 set to 1-2
JP8, JP15 set to 2-3
All others: OPEN

GReddy USA no longer handles this unit so it officially has no availability from USA dealers and no USA warranty. MWR is importing these direct from Japan and has them **IN STOCK NOW** for immediate shipment. We offer a guarantee of initial function but no ongoing warranty.  We can help to facilitate in case repair is ever needed in the future but these are extremely stable and reliable.

Install with universal harness- GReddy provides basic install and tuning instructions. If there is no PnP harness available for your car you will need your car’s wiring harness so that you can perform a custom install with the universal harness- greddy’s instructions do include a wiring diagram for the emanage ultimate, you just need to figure out the connections at the car end. MWR plans to document some of the more common applications but we don’t have this available yet.

As with many electronic components and systems, we cannot accept returns on this item. We can provide technical support and warranty replacement or repair in case of issues with the unit.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in


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