HKS Supercharger Kit – 2GR-FE – Centrifugal (Rotrex)


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Fits some Toyota 3.5L V6 applications, see below. Does NOT fit any Lexus car applications besides RX350 and ES350!

HKS complete* supercharger kit for 2GR-FE engines. Low introductory price!!!!! In stock now.

This kit is a bit of an oddball. HKS designed it for a little minivan called the Alphard but it can be bolted to any 2GR-FE engine. It uses the stock airbox and the intercooler bolts to the top of the engine (Alphard-specific ducting is included) so it’s a very clean, compact install.

– HKS GT supercharger unit (ultracompact Rotrex type)
– Oil cooler, tank and hoses for supercharger
– Supercharger mounting bracket
– Belt drive brackets, pulleys, belt etc
– Custom intercooler, cast end tanks
– Bypass valve
– Intercooler pipes, couplers
– HKS performance spark plugs

Rav4 V6:
We have installed this system on our shop 2006 Rav4 V6. This car is otherwise 100% stock and we suspect the cat is a little bit clogged up based on the before dyno numbers. Regardless, with absolutely no electronic or fuel system upgrades (the included programmer only works on Alphard minivans) the a/f ratio checked out to be perfect. The intercooler had to be cut down considerably to clear the hood and there is no airflow (no ducting) in that area so it’s essentially not intercooled at all. Still, the power increase is substantial and the torque increase makes all the difference in the world in how the car drives around town. Fun!

Lexus RX350:
A customer installed this kit on his 2009 RX350. It has a somewhat freer flowing exhaust and better airflow to the intercooler which fits better in this model (higher hood line). Significantly better dyno numbers with just these differences. Customer reports the a/f ratio gets a bit lean at high rpm with stock injectors. Result is 266 whp.

MK2 MR2 2GR:
We haven’t done this install yet, not 100% sure if the sc and intercooler will fit beneath the stock engine lid but it seems likely. The intercooler seems to be in a great spot to draw cool air in through the engine lid. You could also fairly easily route custom pipes to the side mount intercooler location from the original engine.

Other Toyota Applications: Camry, Highlander, Venza, Sienna
It’s likely that the supercharger will fit fine but there are potential hood clearance issues to the intercooler on models with lower hood lines.

Lotus Evora:
The supercharger should install easily and have plenty of clearance. The intercooler will likely fit but will have no airflow across it. The best solution would likely be to substitute an air/water intercooler in its place.

Other notes:

Currently there are no smaller pulleys available for this supercharger so we haven’t pushed its limits. It’s a small supercharger unit relative to the engine displacement so you’re not going to bolt up a smaller pulley and make 450hp.

The supplied belt fits vehicles without engine mounted power steering pump. If you have a power steering pump you’ll need a longer belt. We have not done this build yet so the exact length is unknown.

Additional information

Weight 64 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 19 × 12 in