Inokinetic NiftyLifty Jack Tool


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Easily Lift BOTH Rear Wheels!   Use the niftyLIFTY* to easily lift the rear of your Elise/Exige/211 & Evora. Couple the niftyLIFTY with your floor jack to raise your Lotus quickly and easily. Watch video: HERE

Simple & Effective

  • Lift the rear of a Lotus easily and safely
  • Designed specifically for Elise/Exige/211/Evora
    • There are two positions for the pads: Elise or Evora
    • rubber lift pads are spaced to fit within hardware recesses (Elise/Exige)
  • Universal fit for various floor jacks
  • Watch video: HERE

Quality Construction & Components

  • Powdercoated, rectangular steel tube
    • yellow, red or neon yellow for good visibility
    • sorry, we don’t give you the choice of colors
  • Rubber pads to add grip and gently caress your car’s bottom
    • pads are replaceable if needed

Model Compatibility

  • S2 Elise/Exige/211/Cup
  • Evora & Evora S & Evora 400 and 400+ models
  • NOTE: may NOT work with aftermarket diffusers!
  • NOTE: does NOT work with S3 Elise (2011+)

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 5 × 2 in