Lotus/Toyota OEM Synchro Cone – C60 3rd Gear – Late 03+

$99.00 $94.05


Brand new 3rd gear OEM synchro cone and engagement tooth ring (shown green in the pic).


This normally comes as part of a new 3rd gear assembly, the pieces (grey and green) are pressed together. The synchro cone may be separated from the constant mesh gear (shown grey in pic) using a press.

You may need to replace this piece because the engagement teeth have rounded off due to a worn synchro. You’d be replacing synchro ring (blue) and shift sleeve / hub ring (yellow) also if this is the case.

You may also be upgrading to this synchro cone if you have an early type 2000-02 model year C-series transmission and you are installing later model 03+ OEM type synchros or the carbon-lined synchros that we sell.

This does NOT fit the Kaaz gears- if you are using those then you MUST use them as-is with the early style OEM synchro rings.

This part is not normally sold separately by Toyota or Lotus. We offer it as a reduced cost option for those who don’t need to replace the constant mesh gear part of the assembly.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .1 in