Motul Brake Fluid RBF660 (DOT4) 0.5L


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Extreme high performance polyglycol brake fluid. Far exceeds the standards of DOT 4. Each bottle is filled with Nitrogen, increasing shelf life and eliminating contamination while factory sealed. Extremely high dry boiling point 617F(325C) helps prevent vapor lock and brake fade during hard use, with excellent recovery time. Wet boiling point 401F(205C).

Excellent brake fluid for street or track. Flush your brake fluid often to ensure optimal performance and best longevity for braking components. Inferior quality brake fluid or brake fluid that has been in use for a long time will have a lower boiling point, causing brake fade when subjected to high temperatures during track use.

Fully compatible with late model Lotus and Toyota braking systems, with or without ABS. MWR’s brake fluid of choice!

Sold in 0.5L bottles.

Fluids may not be shipped to international customers by postal service. UPS and FedEx only. Sorry for the inconvenience.
No restrictions for our US Domestic customers.

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Weight 1 lbs
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