MWR Built Cylinder Head – Toyota 2ZZ-GE


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Rockers (select if you are having cams installed)

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Approximate build time: 1-3 weeks from order date

All MWR 2ZZ-GE cylinder heads include:

– Competition 3-angle valve job
– Your choice of valves, springs and retainers
– New performance valve seals
– Full inspection

Options include:

1. Cams
The standard head includes cam caps, valves, springs, seals, retainers and keepers. To set up the cams and set clearance you must follow a procedure for measuring the valve clearances then you must buy new valve shims from Toyota or MWR to set the clearance properly. That can be a 1-2 week process if you have to wait for special order shims (and they’re always special order). If you select any of the camshaft/rocker options listed we will install those rockers and cams for you and shim the valves properly. We even install new lift bolts.

2. Rockers
If you’re not having cams installed then select no rockers. If you’re going with used cams, select used rockers. If you’re having new OEM, MWR or Piper cams installed then you can have new OEM or Ferrea rockers installed. The Ferrea rockers eliminate VVL, using a roller actuated by the big lobe only, so they’re best suited to a very high revving engine with Ferrea dual valve springs and they DO require custom ECU tuning.

3. Core Charge
Like most engine builders we sell these engines, heads and blocks on an exchange basis. That means that we require you to send us a rebuildable “core” similar to the engine, head or block that we are sending to you. We charge you a core charge, which is a deposit that we hold on to until your core is returned to us and is then refunded to you. For a full refund of your core charge the core must be returned within 30 days and must be rebuildable- this means no significant damage to cylinder head, and no missing bits such as cam caps. Valves may be bent, crankshafts may be scuffed. If you order head with cams and rockers installed your core must contain cams, rockers and rocker shafts.

4. Port work
Select the ported head option to have MWR fully port your cylinder head. That includes using our extensive experience on the flow bench to smooth and reshape the ports and seats for the ultimate in flow. You can expect improved power throughout the rev range whether you’re turbo or NA with no loss of street manners.

5. Valve springs
Select MWR valve springs to safely rev 500-600rpm higher than the stock rev limiter. Add Titanium retainers for the ultimate in valve float resistance.

6. Valves
MWR’s top quality stainless valves work great for most applications. Choose MWR flat faced valves to increase your compression ratio slightly (increases stock 11.5 compression to 11.7:1). Ferrea’s valves are polished to a mirror shine. The intake valves are stainless like the MWR valves but the Ferrea exhaust valves are made of inconel which has exceptional heat resistance and is preferred for extreme turbo or nitrous applications.

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 12 in