MWR C56 C60 C64 EC60 Transmission Repair/Rebuild or Upgrade Service (your existing transmission)



This is service and return shipping for your C series transmission (any 5 or 6 speed transmission that bolts to a 1ZZ or 2ZZ engine, plus the 5-speed from the early 2ZR Corolla) or EC60 (later 1ZR, 2ZR Lotus and Toyota vehcicles). No matter the condition of your current transmission, what repairs are needed or what aftermarket parts you want added this completely covers the labor charges to do the job and the shipping charge to return it to you.

1. Purchase from our website:

  • This item
  • Any aftermarket upgrade parts that you know you want installed; limited slip differential (and LSD install kit), fork upgrade, gear upgrade, synchros etc

2. Mark in the comments field any current problems with the transmission and a summary of what you want done with the transmission, even if you have not made a purchase of all of the parts yet.

3. Ship your transmission to us with your order # marked on the outside of the box

If your transmission simply needs an aftermarket part that you have purchased installed, we will take care of that and ship the transmission back to you. If the transmission is here for repair we will disassemble and evaluate it, then get back to you with a final total on the repair including all needed parts. Once approved and any excess parts are paid for we will complete the repair and return the transmission to you.

Note: if you are only having a limited slip differential (LSD) installed there is a lower cost option for that listed as a separate item

Additional information

Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in