MWR O2 CEL (Check Engine Light) Eliminator (1) – Standard



2005+ Lotus Elise, Exige, 2-eleven (V6 models require 2)
2009+ Lotus Evora (require 2)
1998+ Corolla
2000-05 Celica, MR2-S
2003-12 Matrix, Vibe
Most other cars 1995+ (18mm thread)

This spacer installs between your downstream O2 sensor and your exhaust pipe. It buffers the sensor response, eliminating the check engine light in situations where the catalytic converter has lost some effectiveness or been removed. This part is legal for race track use only, never to be used on a road legal or emissions controlled vehicle.

Fit note: your sensor will stick out appx 1.5″ (38mm) more from the exhaust pipe after install. If that will cause interference then please check out our 90-degree version.

Annoying check engine light in your track car after catalytic converter removal or after install of a high flow racing cat? This is the solution!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in