MWR Clutch Kit – Lotus/Toyota 2ZZ 1ZZ-Gorilla ST5S 4-puck

$449.00 $404.10


MWR’s Gorilla line of clutches are the best option available anywhere for moderately to heavily modified Lotus/Toyota 1ZZ and 2ZZ Engines. Choose the stage that best suits your needs, anywhere from ST2 for completely civilized street or intermediate race applications to ST5R for track-only road racers.

  • Rated max torque capacity: 360 ft-lb (approximately 525hp with a 2ZZ)
  • Proprietary high capacity pressure plate provides exceptional torque capacity without a stiff clutch pedal.
  • Ultra high performance ceramic 4-puck sprung hub disc maintains some street manners (street disc or 6-puck is better) and minimizes shock to the transmission. The disc is lighter than the 6-puck so it will shift better at extreme high rpm.
  • Release bearing and alignment tool included.

The Gorilla name means big power capacity. Careful engineering means *lighter* pedal effort than the competition’s extreme kits but with more capacity. That adds up to the ultimate clutch for your high output 1ZZ or 2ZZ. ST4S has a high heat capacity than the ST2 and ST3 options so it will survive repeated hard launches and/or more slippage better but has harsher engagement and shorter service life if driven on the street. Best suited to cars that see mostly track use.

Don’t let the attractive price fool you- this is no second rate clutch kit. We work hard at MWR to bring you the very best parts at the most affordable prices. The competition’s got nothing on this clutch kit.

Speed Source extended pushrod is recommended to ensure full clutch disengagement.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 6 in


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