MWR Clutch – Lotus Elise, Corolla EC60 6-speed 1ZR 2ZR – Street Heavy Duty

$449.00 $404.10


2010+ Lotus Elise 1.6L 6-speed (1ZR-FAE) (non-US model)
2012+ Lotus Elise 220(+) 1.8L Supercharged (2ZR-FE) (non-US model)
2014+ Corolla, iM 1.8L 6-speed manual (2ZR-FE)
2017+ Toyota C-HR 2.0L 6-speed manual (3ZR-FE)
All other Toyota models with 1ZR/2ZR/3ZR/4ZR engines and 6-speed EC60 transmission

Monkeywrench Racing brings you the best (and only!) high performance direct fit clutch for the EC60 transmission paired with Lotus and Toyota’s later model 1.6 and 1.8L engines.

– Torque Capacity 230 ft-lb (appx 300hp)
– Upgraded heavy duty pressure plate for max torque capacity
– Street type organic disc for smooth engagement and maximum lifespan in street and light race conditions
– Includes direct fit replacement release bearing (new one from toyota is $220 retail!!!!)
– Works with OEM or MWR lightweight flywheel
– Bolts in with OEM hardware

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 5 in