MWR Clutch – Lotus Evora S, Exige V6 – Heavy Duty Street Disc


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Directly Fits:
2010-2016 Evora S Supercharged (not later 400+ models)
2012+ Exige V6 models (except Cup 380 and 430, or any other intercooled model rated over 380hp by Lotus)

Fits all Evora, Evora S, Evora 400+, Exige V6, Exige V6 Cup models if installed with MWR FLYWHEEL

Monkeywrench Racing brings you the best (and only!) high performance direct fit clutch for the Evora S.

– Torque Capacity 400 ft-lb (appx 450hp)
– Upgraded heavy duty pressure plate for max torque capacity
– Tough street style organic full face disc with sprung hub for easy engagement and long service life
– Includes custom release bearing
– Works with OEM Evora S flywheel or MWR direct fit Evora S aluminum flywheel
– Bolts in with OEM hardware

This clutch will drive a lot like your original clutch with a slightly heavier pedal. Engagement is predictable and smooth so it’s relatively easy on the transmission and lasts a long time with street use and moderate racing use.

Which clutch and flywheel do I choose???
MWR’s direct fit Evora Base and Evora S/Exige V6 flywheels and clutches offer identical performance improvement, the fit is just slightly different corresponding to the different fit of the Lotus OEM parts. Here is what we recommend for you:

Evora Base or Evora S/Exige V6 or Evora 400+/Exige V6 Cup 400+ upgrading both clutch and flywheel – Choose MWR Evora S flywheel and MWR Evora S clutch

Evora S/Exige V6 upgrading ONLY clutch OR ONLY flywheel – you must use MWR Evora S clutch or flywheel.

Evora Base upgrading ONLY clutch – you must use MWR Evora Base clutch.


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