MWR Coated Main Bearing Set (4) – Toyota 2GR-FE 2GR-FSE -0.25mm


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This is a complete set of 4 high performance main (crankshaft) bearings for the Toyota 2GR-FE and 2GR-FSE, undersized 0.25mm (for a machined crankshaft). They are treated with a special anti-friction coating for long life and resistance to damage from loss of oil pressure or other oil problems. If you’re building an engine for high RPM use, nitrous, or turbo/supercharger boost then these bearings are for you.

ALWAYS take all critical measurements and calculate clearances before beginning assembly of your engine. The clearances are absolutely critical to engine operation and aftermarket parts do not always have exactly the same dimensions as OEM parts. Monkeywrench Racing cannot accept the return of any bearings that show ANY evidence of having been installed. Coated bearings may measure slightly thicker than standard bearings so some machine work may be needed to get teh clearance right.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in