MWR Forged Steel Ultralight Flywheel – Toyota 1ZZ-FE, 2ZR 09-13

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MWR’s forged steel flywheel weighs 8.8 lbs making it the lightest steel 1ZZ / 2ZR flywheel available.

  • Quicker throttle response
  • Easier heel-toe downshifting
  • Great for street or race applications
  • Works with stock or any aftermarket 1ZZ/2ZZ clutch
  • Noticeable improvement in acceleration especially in lower gears
  • Excellent durability thanks to all chromoly steel construction
  • Can be resurfaced just like a stock flywheel next time clutch is replaced
  • Slightly more throttle is needed to pull away from a stop – most people get used to it and really like the sportier feel

2000-2005 Toyota MR2 Spyder 1ZZ
2000-2005 Celica GT
1998-2008 Corolla 1ZZ
2003-2008 Matrix/Vibe 1ZZ
2009-13 Corolla 1.8L 5-speed

Note some 09-13 cars equipped with Denso 28100-0T051  starter may need to add 3mm spacers (washers) between starter and transmission to avoid interference between starter and flywheel

Does not work with 1ZR/2ZR cars with Aisin 6-speed transmission (2014+ corolla, all Lotus 1ZR/2ZR applications)

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 3 in

7 reviews for MWR Forged Steel Ultralight Flywheel – Toyota 1ZZ-FE, 2ZR 09-13

  1. Philippe Vialle (verified owner)

    I installed this flywheel a couple of weeks ago. Perfectly fits with the original bolts! The driving feel is excellent. I recommend this product

  2. Corey Fleming (verified owner)

    Installed this flywheel during my c60 swap on my 07 Matrix SC. Noticed a huge difference in reaction timing and the rpm climb. With this flywheel and my c60 swap, I can literally shift into the sweet spot of boost in every gear!

    Well worth the money!

  3. Brian Cooper (verified owner)

    Installed on my 2008 Corolla S about 3 months ago, installed a pro kit exedy clutch, pressure plate as well as a new bearing, took a little getting used to the throttle response, it’s amazing. I can go from idle to red line in about 1.2 seconds, and the idle down is much faster too! Acceleration was already decent with the mods to my engine and exhaust concidering it’s a 1.8 1zz-fe but with this flywheel it’s a whole new car! night and day difference, faster shifts, faster acceleration, same MPG I was getting before. If you’re on the fence about this for your car take into consideration that rotational mass leaches torque from small displacement engines, I’m glad I made the decision to go forward with this mod.

    The install I would rate 7/10 difficulty, I did it with a buddy in his mechanics bay at work and it took us about 4 hours because the motor mounts were giving us trouble, if you do this upgrade, definitely do the clutch kit and motor mounts while you have it all apart!!!

  4. FryingPanda (verified owner)

    Installed into a 2009 corolla S. The first start of the car was a great sign, you heard that metallic *shink* sound and the car was instantly running. Revs are significantly better. First gear is a load more aggressive. Now it is not a fast car by any means but it is a lot more enjoyable to drive now thanks to this part. The throttle response is worth the price alone.

  5. benoityip (verified owner)

    Installed on my Australia version 2010 corolla 2zr and ec60. Starter needs to be grinded as stated above but no major drama. No noise on idle, but have a metallic noise when releasing the clutch for a split second. Car is also more responsive now on 2nd gear. There is a bit of learning curve involved for 1st gear, but no major drama.

  6. benoityip (verified owner)

    I want to continue the above review on my Australia corolla. Car has full bolt on and unichip tune. Now has 24% more power than stock
    After the flywheel change, first gear with rolling start can have wheel spin all the way up to rev limiter. Second gear is very aggressive as well. Please note that I am using factory Toyota 16 inch heavy wheel now for this test on a dry road. Very happy with this mod. I also did not remove any seat in the car in this test.

    I occasionally tracked my car with my 16 light weight semi slick. I am looking forward to it.

    Next mod is MWR camshaft stage 1

  7. Nobelious (verified owner)

    Installed this on my 2011 Corolla with the 2ZR while installing the Exedy Stage 1 clutch kit. The response from the car has improved drastically with this flywheel on there. It revs up super fast and has a lot more acceleration now especially in 1st and 2nd gear. Definitely wakes up the 2ZR in my car without any other mods done to it yet. Install went smooth however I did run into a bit of an issue.

    On the first startup, I heard a high pitched screeching noise which is what appeared to be the starter grinding on the flywheel. Started it again and it made the same noise. I got really worried but after taking the starter out, it appears that the starter gear wasn’t able to move far back enough once startup was complete so it was making contact with the flywheel. To resolve this, I added about 3mm in spacing on the starter through the usage of washers between the starter and bellhousing and the starter is now no longer making contact with the flywheel after startup. So not too big of a deal, I’d say make sure to test fit the starter before putting the trans back on to make sure your starter gear retracts back far enough to clear the flywheel. My starter is a Denso 28100-0T051 for reference purposes. Still gets 5 stars despite this minor snag!

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