MWR Fuel Injector Set (4) – 450cc – 1ZZ 2ZZ 1ZR 2ZR



1ZZ-FE all
2ZZ-GE all
2ZR-FE All
2AZ-FE All

  • OEM type spray pattern for superior atomization (better idle and emissions, smoother running, better combustion and power)
  • Direct fit, bolts right in
  • Works with stock or aftermarket fuel rails
  • Works with stock or aftermarket fuel pressure regulator
  • Works with stock or aftermarket fuel pump, upgraded fuel pump recommended if exceeding 250whp
  • Includes plug n play wire adapters ($50 value), no cutting or soldering needed
  • Includes new o-rings for top of injectors and isolators (donuts) for bottom of injectors.
  • Tuning required (will not work properly with untuned stock ECU)
  • E85 compatible

450cc flow rate (at 90% duty cycle) will support:
240whp with turbo or supercharger
290whp with turbo or supercharger with MWR FPR/fuel rail kit

Injector lag time @45psi base pressure:
8v – 2.25ms
10v – 1.50ms
12v – 1.11ms
14v – 0.895ms
16v – 0.70ms

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in