MWR HD Shift Fork Pad Set (4) – Evora/Exige V6/Emira, GR Corolla – One Fork



This is a set of 4 brass wear pads, enough to upgrade *1* shift fork. If you want to upgrade all 3 forks in your transmission you will need to order *3* of this kit.

2009-22 Evora ALL models
2012+ Exige V6 ALL models
2022+ Emira V6
2022+ Toyota GR Corolla All

The OEM are built big and strong… with terrible delicate little plastic wear pads. They have a habit of wearing out too quickly or even worse, breaking away from the fork and falling off. Either issue will mean you lose the ability to select a gear which is a big problem. Can also cause severe gear, synchro and hub ring damage. If you’re getting grinding when selecting a gear, there is a 98% chance you’ve got failed fork pads.

Install MWR’s upgraded bronze pads on your current shift forks (full transmission removal and disassembly is required) and eliminate this weak point once and for all. Install is easy, just break away the original plastic pads and insert the MWR pads.

The result is a shift fork that will handle anything you want to throw at it. 8500rpm+ shifts? Fine. Endurance racing? No problem. They’re 100% civilized and work just great on the street, no additional shifting effort required and no noise.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions .1 × .1 × .1 in