MWR Lug (wheel) Stud Conversion Kit – Lotus Elise, Exige, 2-elev


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Monkeywrench Racing’s lug stud kit includes everything you’ll need to convert your Elise, Exige or 2-eleven from lug bolts to lug studs. Works great on the street or track (REQUIRED by many racing organizations).

  • Quicker, easier tire changes at home or at the track.
  • Extended 75mm length allows use of wheel spacers for wider tires and/or different offset wheels.
  • Studs measure 50mm from the shoulder that bottoms against the hub to the end of the threads- this is enough to allow a 12mm spacer with stock wheels.
  • Extended bullet nose for quick, easy lug nut threading.
  • More secure mounting of wheel compared to unreliable and problematic lug bolts.
  • Allows visual inspection of thread engagement.
  • No wear to hub threads means you don’t risk stripping out or cross therading your hub, requiring an expensive and inconvenient repair.
  • Black zinc phosphate coating on studs and lug nuts along with use of included anti-seize compounds resists rust and ensures a long service life
  • Compact 17mm hex lug nuts allows easy tool access with any style wheel.

Monkeywrench Racing’s wheel studs are custom made for us in the USA. They feature a 10.9 rating and 150,000 psi tensile strength which is an ideal balance of strength and hardness vs. ductility. Don’t risk your car and your life on cheap studs from China sold at lower prices by the competition. This is a safety item! These studs have been tested for years on the street and the track with excellent results and are the only studs that MWR trusts to install on our own test vehicles.

Kit includes:

  • (16) Wheel studs
  • (16) Lug Nuts
  • 5.5mm installation tool
  • Thread lock compound
  • Anti-seize compound
  • Installation instructions

MWR recommends 80 ft-lb torque for lug nuts with included anti-seize compound on threads.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in


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