MWR Moroso Oil Pan – Lotus/Toyota 1ZZ, 2ZZ

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Both the Lotus/Toyota 1ZZ and 2ZZ engines have oil system issues. Neither engine has adequate oil capacity or effective oil pan baffling. What that means to you is if you run your car hard, especially around corners on sticky tires, there’s a chance you’ll have oil pickup problems. The result is usually a spun rod bearing or even an exploded oil pump.

The solution is here. This fabricated oil pan tackles all of these problems individually. First, to help handle heat the oil capacity is increased to 6 quarts and the entire pan is made of aluminum, which effectively pulls some heat out of the oil. Additionally, the large capacity and the internal baffling with trap doors keeps a steady supply of oil around the pickup even when you corner on race tires. No more oil starvation.

The icing on the cake is that we have equipped this pan with both a bung for turbo oil return and a bung for an oil temperature sensor, both 1/2″ NPT. Forget the headaches of trying to weld, drill, and tap a bung on to your puny stock steel oil pan.

This popular pan’s design allows you to retain your 2ZZ’s crankshaft scraper plate with no trimming required, just a small bend for clearance.

All 2zz and 1zz pans don’t use a gasket- GREY RTV is the best option for sealing.

Mid engine (Lotus, MR2 Spyder) customers, please consider the Inokinetic GPan . It offers a more compact sump profile, allowing easier access to oil pan bolts and lower a-arm bolt (Lotus). Note it does not have a turbo oil drain port, and does NOT clear the crossmember in front wheel drive applications.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 22.5 × 13.5 × 7.5 in

5 reviews for MWR Moroso Oil Pan – Lotus/Toyota 1ZZ, 2ZZ

  1. Eric Herrmann

    Good oilpan, execellent quality.
    Keeps my temperatures low.
    And the two 1/2″ holes for oil temp sensor are helpful.

  2. Carlos Vilela

    Best oil pan money can buy.
    The quality is perfect!
    and the extra bungs for sensors makes it even better.

  3. Philippe Vialle (verified owner)

    Easy to install, help cooling down the oil, no lost of pressure even with my 225 wide Hankook R-S3! The drain plug even comes with a magnet!
    I highly recommand this stuff to anyone who goes on regular lapping days!

  4. Chuchee Vue (verified owner)

    Part just came in super excited looks well made cant wait to put it on πŸ˜‰

  5. Vladimir Komlev

    Hi all,I want to know what is different about this product that is sold on ebey?
    Please reply to my email,thank you.

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