MWR MR2-S SMT Manual Conversion Kit “C” – 6-speed Transmission


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Fits 2003-05 MR2-S SMT 6-speed only

MWR’s SMT->MT conversion kit consists of 3 parts:
A: Engine
B: Body
C: Transmission

C: Transmission kit (this item) is needed ONLY if you will be converting your current SMT transmission for MT operation. Transmission removal is not required; it is an easy conversion and works great as long as your transmission is in good condition. If you will be installing a different (non-SMT) transmission as part of your conversion then you do not need this kit. If you have purchased an MR2-S specific transmission then no C kit is required at all. If you are installing a used 6-speed from a Celica or Corolla/Matrix then you will need MWR’s MR2-S shifter shaft and reverse blockout just as you would if installing the transmission into an MT car.

Included (all brand new OEM Toyota parts unless noted):

  • Clutch release fork adapter
  • Shifter shaft cover (reverse blockout) adapter
  • Complete shifter shaft mechanism
  • Installation instructions

This kit works with 1ZZ or 2ZZ engines.

There is a possibility of damage to the transmission if your SMT mechanism has failed so if you’ve been hearing grinding and experiencing missed shifts you may find that the transmission will not shift properly after the MT conversion is complete. In that case the transmission will need to be rebuilt or replaced

Please see MWR SMT->MT Swap Guide for more information and detail on which kits you need to complete your particular conversion.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in


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