MWR Oil Filter Union Kit – Lotus Elise Exige 2ZZ All


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Use MWR’s oil filter union kit to replace the problematic Lotus OEM hardware. Fits:
05-12 Elise 2ZZ All
06-12 Exige 2ZZ All
07-12 2-eleven All

The lotus OEM hardware used to secure the oil cooler sandwich plate to the engine block (and that the oil filter mounts to) has some problems.

  • Fragile- we’ve had several customers break one or both parts during engine assembly or disassembly. The nut component is easy to strip out because it is so thin.
  • They get lost sometimes during an engine build. It happens. Call Lotus and they will happily sell you a new sandwich plate assembly for $500. The mounting hardware is NOT available separately. Break it or lose it and you are out of luck.

MWR starts with Toyota’s 2ZZ OEM oil filter union (not normally used on Lotus applications) and adds our top quality custom sandwich plate extension fitting. Both parts are easy to work with, durable and tested. Expect an OEM fit when used with your Lotus sandwich plate adapter. Replace your lost hardware or just have a spare on hand.

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