MWR Performance Valve Body – Celica/Corolla/Matrix 2ZZ Auto


Core Charge * 


Fits U240E Transmission:
2000-05 Celica GTS
2003-06 Matrix XRS
2005-06 Corolla XRS

MWR’s performance valve body bolts right in to your otherwise unmodified automatic transmission and works with the stock ECU.



  • Quicker, firmer shifts
  • Higher line pressure for increased torque capacity
  • Improved transmission durability especially at higher power levels

This is a great modification for auto trans equipped vehicles with performance upgrades like bolt-ons, built engines, superchargers or turbos. Less slipping during shifts means less heat and less clutch material wear inside your transmission. Firmer shifts also mean more power makes it to the ground which improves acceleration and ETs. Combine with a high stall torque converter for improved launches!

To install the valve body you must drain your transmission fluid and remove the transmission pan but you do not need to remove the transmission.

Sold on an exchange basis – you may pay the core charge and receive your MWR performance valve body, swap it in, and ship your old valve body back to us. At that time we’ll refund your core charge as long as the valve body is undamaged. You may also choose to place your order and ship your old valve body to us before we ship the MWR valve body to you; in that case you do not pay any core charge.


Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 in