MWR Rebuilt Transmission – Celica GT 5-speed C56 4.3:1 (Direct Replacement)


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The standard Celica 5-speed manual transmission retails for $3200+ new from Toyota, and it’s very hard to find a really good low mile used unit because most are on the edge of synchro and/or bearing failure which is very common. Monkeywrench is here with your solution!

Every MWR rebuilt transmission gets the deluxe treatment:
– Full disassembly, cleaning and inspection
– All synchros replaced with brand new OEM Toyota synchros
– Input shaft seal and axle seals replaced
– All hubs, hub rings, gears, bearings and shift forks fully inspected and replaced as needed
– Output shaft bearing #2 replaced with new OEM bearing
– Shifter shaft installed as pictured. External shift lever mechanism not included, must transfer from your old transmission

5-speed C-series transmissions are known for output shaft bearing failures so that bearing is replaced in 100% of our rebuilds.

This transmission will bolt right up to any 1ZZ or 2ZZ engine in a 2000-05 Celica GT. Works with stock or aftermarket clutches, flywheels, shifters, shifter cables, axles.

Quality and strength
Built with 100% OEM parts so it is as strong as an OEM transmission. MWR recommends a maximum of 275whp though actual transmission durability will vary based on usage, vehicle weight, torque, clutch type and heat.


1. Differential – you may choose standard open differential or have us upgrade your transmission with a TRD Helical Limited Slip (LSD)

2. 5th gear – you may choose standard 0.815 5th gear which the MR2 Spyder came with, or you may choose to have us upgrade the transmission to a brand new 0.725:1 5th gear set, reducing your RPM on the highway by 11% (for example, if you’re at 4000 rpm cruising now, you will be at 3550rpm with the upgraded 5th gear)

3. CORE – you must pay the core charge up front, we ship you the rebuilt transmission, then after your car is up and running you ship your old transmission back to us with CORE and your Sales Order number clearly printed on the box. Customer is responsible for return shipping arrangements and cost. We refund the core charge in full as long as the transmission sent in is the correct model, is complete (same as rebuilt trans), and has no external damage to the case. All gears must be functional and not broken, but grinding on shifts is fine.

We offer a 30 day limited warranty on this transmission when installed in a naturally aspirated (no turbo or supercharger) application and used on the street. Our 30-day warranty does not apply to vehicles used on race tracks, though we do still guarantee initial quality and functionality of the transmission as received by customer in those cases.

1st: 3.166
2nd: 1.904
3rd: 1.392
4th: 1.031
5th: 0.815 (option: 0.725)
Final Drive: 4.312

transmission comes equipped as pictured. MR2 model shown, Celica model has different shift shaft layout.

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in


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