MWR Shifter Cable Bushing Set – Toyota Models (Various)

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2000-05 Celica
2000-05 MR2 Spyder
1998-22 Corolla, iM 1.8L, 2.4L All (**except some european models)
2018-22 Corolla 2.0L Sedan Only
(does not fit 2018+ 2.0L Hatchback – click HERE for that kit)
2003-12 Matrix/Vibe 1.8L, 2.4L All

**These bushings are both 21.8mm OD- if you have a european/australian/japanese model corolla please check your bushings before ordering. If you have one bushing at 21.8mm and the other larger at 27.2mm the you need THIS KIT

Does not fit Lotus models.


This shifter bushing kit will help to tighten the feel of your shifter by eliminating the stock rubber bushing in the shift cable at the transmission. After a few years, the stock rubber and metal sleeved bushing will wear and deteriorate, making the shifter feel less precise and slowing down your shifting times!

These CNC machined solid brass bushings give you back your shifter feel, and really connect you to the transmission. Installation is simple and takes about 30 minutes.

A customer’s install video (2009 corolla)

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × .5 × .25 in

19 reviews for MWR Shifter Cable Bushing Set – Toyota Models (Various)

  1. Ruben Rivera Jr (verified owner)

    Installed on my 2005 Toyota Celica GTS. Noticable shifting improvement, feels solid, perfect upgrade!

  2. louis morel (verified owner)

    love it !! the feel of it. installation was easy but removal of the old one, living in the rust belt, was a pain.
    had to use lots of pb blaster and wiggle the old bushing with a vice-grip. I also got he MWR short-shifter(not intalled yet)but really recommend these bushings to anyone!!!

  3. Daniel Amorim (verified owner)

    If your looking to install a short shifter you definitely want to install these bushings. However with the car being 17 years old and living in a rust prone area, the old bushings were a pain to remove. Took about 3 hours of prying, dremeling, and hammering. Oh, and a lot of PB Blaster and patience.

  4. Jacob Norman (verified owner)

    Very nice upgrade to go along with any short shifter kit! Shifting gears is much more direct unlike the stock shifter assembly which was vague and sloppy.
    Just a fair warning to anyone who has a rusted car. The original bushings will most likely be rusted to the shifter cables so you need some extra elbow grease and time to get the job done.

  5. stephen dowell (verified owner)

    Installed on my 12 corolla s. The installation was very easy. The after effect is amazing. Feels like a much newer car. The shifts are more precise. Next will be the shifter bushings

  6. Nobelious (verified owner)

    Love these solid bushings! They are a really great upgrade from the stock rubber bushings that my 2011 Corolla came with. Like others have mentioned, if you are installing these and live in a rust prone area, be prepared to fight with your stock rubber bushings during removal. My advice is buy/rent/borrow a dremel and cut or grind the old bushings off if they are seized on. Can take some time and effort but worth it to install these bushings on there!

  7. mike.russell0902 (verified owner)

    About an hour install on a Celica (and i was taking my time) Rust wasnt an issue for me really and keep in mind this Celica spent its whole life in New England. My bushings were in good shape so I didnt notice a huge difference but the peace of mind and futureproofing of these was definitely worth the money..

  8. Darin Dellinger (verified owner)

    Good improvement on it’s own, but paired with the shifter base bushings, it makes it hard for me to want to spend the $$ for a short shifter. Highly recommended. Rust makes it fun to remove the old bushings – without that, this would’ve been a 10 minute job

  9. Konner Mitchener (verified owner)

    Great kit. Shifting definitely feels more solid. Definitely more of a “clickier” feel going between gears. Installation is a pain if you live in the rust belt. Coming from Ontario, it took about 1-2 hours with a Dremel and vice grips to remove the rusted 16 year old OEM bushings.
    If you’re going to take on this job make sure you have:
    Dremel with cutting and grinding bits, vice grips, long screw driver, rubber mallet, needle nose pliers, PB Rust blaster/wd-40, and an afternoon to kill.
    However, as a complete novice to car mods, on my first car, I was able to do this upgrade and am very happy with the result!

  10. jjord01 (verified owner)

    Really good kit. Took me 20 minutes to install. Shifter feels MUCH better!!

  11. Peter Ambler (verified owner)

    Replaced the stock shifter cable bushings on my 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS with these solid bushings, and now shifting is crisp and smooth. The old bushings were pretty simple to remove, and well worn. Best of all, the noisy “6th gear shifter shake” is gone.

  12. Drake Boyer (verified owner)

    The bushings are 10 times better than the originals! Took me less than 20 minutes to install. The shifter feels SOO MUCH better!!

  13. Nathaniel Findlay-Abitbol (verified owner)

    These made a huge difference in my 2008 Matrix XR. I had swapped a C60 6 speed in and the rubber bushings were basically non existent. Getting the old shifter sleeve off the bushing shaft was the worst part of the job.

  14. maxwell peacock (verified owner)

    100% great feel. Removal of old was easy with a grabbing the center with pair of needle-nose and pivoting it out. My 5 gear upshhift-downshift grind went away. Must buy!

  15. Kristian Kollár (verified owner)

    These are really good. My bushings weren’t too bad (for being almost 20 years old, anyway) but I can still feel a big difference. Installation was pretty easy, had to remove the battery and intake. Appreciated the little lube packet, it’s a small thing but it’s nice when companies think of those. Instructions didn’t specify where to put the candy, so I listened to my gut and put them there.

  16. Michael Wong (verified owner)

    Fit my 2006 toyota matrix. Fast shipping. Makes a HUGE difference. Was having issues placing it in 2nd and 3rd gear at times and it resolved it. It really does make the shifter feel brand new. OEM rubber bushings with the clips and everything are the same price from toyota so getting these instead are a no brainer I think.

  17. Kaleb Karr (verified owner)

    Cheap part, improved driving quality, and a 30 min install. You can’t hate on this bushing set.

  18. isaiah benitez (verified owner)

    It really made a difference in driving i love them-2009 corolla xrs

  19. Marco VanderMeulen (verified owner)

    Great buy! I got these for my 2008 Corolla S and shift feel was dramatically improved. With bushings the shifts were tighter and more notchy, but they did not do anything about shifter slop or throw. I also got the SS kit to deal with that. Install was hell on my rustbelt car. Be prepared to take a dremel to the old bushings, which were rust-welded to the posts they sit on in my case. They are slightly inconvenient to get to as well. Sans rust, this is a very easy job.

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