MWR Short Shift Kit – Elise S3, 2014-18 Corolla, iM 1.8L 6-speed EC60



Increase the speed and accuracy of your shifts with MWR’s own short shifter kit.

2011+ Lotus Elise S3 models with 1ZR or 2ZR engine and 6-speed (Does NOT fit 2ZZ or 1ZZ models)
2016-18 Scion/Corolla iM 1.8L All
2014-18 Corolla All 1.8L
Some 2008+ overseas Corolla 1ZR, 2ZR 6-speed models (gearshift has reverse lockout collar that must be lifted to select reverse)
Does NOT fit 2.0L models
Does NOT fit 5-speed models (09-13 in USA) (has external clutch slave cylinder)
Does NOT fit rare 08-11 overseas models with C63/C66 6-speed (has external clutch slave cylinder)

Fits EC60 transmission – this can be visually confirmed by checking that the clutch release cylinder (slave cylinder) is inside the bellhousing. If slave cylinder is outside the bellhousing you have a C series transmission and this kit will not work.

Install is super easy; our kit bolts entirely to the top of the transmission so no need to disassemble your interior.


Shifting throw is decreased by 25% which is the perfect optimization of shifting speed and precision feel. Works great on the street or track.

Want an even tighter, more precise shifting feel? Add MWR’s SHIFTER CABLE BUSHING KIT

Shifter in action:


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in