MWR Short Shifter – Toyota Celica, MR2-S 00-05

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Increase the speed and accuracy of your shifts with MWR’s own short shifter.

Works great with the stock shifter knob or add any aftermarket shift knob designed to fit these cars. Solid base bushings included– these really firm up the mounting of your shifter assembly for a very precise feel. Knob sits slightly lower and throw is decreased by approximately 25% – in our testing this is the perfect compromise of increased shift speed without loss of shift precision.

2000-05 Toyota Celica (manual only)
2000-05 MR2-S (manual only)

Shifter CABLE BUSHINGS, which go at the transmission end of the cables, are sold separately and work great in combination with this shifter kit in tightening up shift feel.

But why does the competition charge 2-3x as much for their short shifter? Is it better?

We at MWR work hard to bring you the best parts at the most competitive pricing possible. This is a fantastic shifter, the best on the market in our experience. We sell a lot of them so we can offer a great price. It’s that simple!

Install video in a corolla (similar to celica):

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 2 in

11 reviews for MWR Short Shifter – Toyota Celica, MR2-S 00-05

  1. Joshua Zacheis (verified owner)

    Very firm feel when shifting. Excellent short shifter, install took about an hour, but I did other stuff like tighten e-brake and clean out inside of center console. Probably about a half hour for install.

  2. Michael Brack (verified owner)

    Seems to be a good quality product for the $ but the same setup is available from sources that shall remain nameless for about half the price, slightly disappointed after seeing that. Hardware is a bit basic and consumer grade but does the job for a resonable price…. just not the most resonable

  3. Devell Young (verified owner)

    Excellent design, function, and price. MWR FTW. Would definitely buy again.

  4. Marc Breazeale (verified owner)

    This shifter is pretty fantastic. It was an easy install. Not a lot to do. I would recommend doing this upgrade and the speed source solid brass shift bushings at the same time. The brass bushings make shifting more precise, which is helpful with the short throw shifter. Overall great product!

  5. Matthew Maliwauki (verified owner)

    Excellent product, works as advertised. The install is easy enough with the right tools.

    The only problem I had was with the bottom OEM pivot bearing that attaches to the shifter. It seemed like the OEM pivot bearing was too small for the ball joint.

  6. John Miles (verified owner)

    Good shifter, didn’t use supplied base bushings, used the speed source ones. Only thing is shifter is way off. 3rd gear looks like first, 4th gear like 2nd. Neutral is way to the left. Other than that great product, solid quality by the looks of it, only time will tell. Other than being way off center, very pleased!

  7. Joseph Kessler (verified owner)

    Easy install, even if you have never installed a short shifter like me. Some other tutorials on the install tell you to not break the push nut, but my kit was supplied with a new one. Since it doesn’t have an offset, it will sit over to the left a bit. I thought there was gonna be some getting used to after the install, but it was still easy to shift. It’s a little more clunkier now, and you can really feel the gears engage which I like. Overall good shifter, I like it and do recommend it.

  8. cory butterwick (verified owner)

    install was ok, the one washer was a problem… BUT after back together, the bolt action is like a rifle. LOVE it. best feeling on a cable actuated gearbox ever.

  9. Jex (verified owner)

    I have never had a short shifter before, nor have i driven with one. That being said I love the feel of this thing. It made my shifting so much more enjoyable. Along with this I installed the speed source shifter cable bushings, which made my loose and long throw shifting into tight and short throws. I would highly recommend. PS it does not come with any instructions, however that wasn’t much of a problem. Just google MR2 spyder short shifter install.

  10. Joe Clary (verified owner)

    Got this because I had to replace my shifter cables. Easy install and greatly improves shift speed, precision, and feel even when my car was at 130mph. Makes it feel like I’m driving a race car

  11. Kaleb Karr (verified owner)

    Throws are much shorter and precise and the install was fairly quick and easy too. Would recommend this to anybody.

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