MWR Short Shifter – Toyota Corolla 2003-13 MT

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Increase the speed and accuracy of your shifts with MWR’s own short shifter.

Works great with the stock shifter knob or add any aftermarket shift knob designed to fit these cars. Solid base bushings included– these really firm up the mounting of your shifter assembly for a very precise feel. Shifting throw is decreased by 25% which is the perfect compromise between shifting speed and precision feel.

2003-08 Toyota Corolla All (5 and 6 speed manual only)
2009-13 Toyota Corolla All (5-speed manual only)–plus some overseas 2007-11 models with C series 6-speed with external slave cylinder
Toyota T-sport, Runx and Sportivo 2ZZ (6 speed) – fits most but some require that a hole in the plastic shifter mechanism be increased from 10mm to 13mm with a drill
Does NOT fit Matrix and Vibe models
Does NOT fit 2014+ 2ZR models with 6-speed EC60 (internal slave cylinder)

Shifter CABLE BUSHINGS, which go at the transmission end of the cables, are sold separately and work great in combination with this shifter kit in tightening up shift feel.

If you have a later 1ZR or 2ZR engine with 6-speed then you need the 2014+ shifter.

But why does the competition charge 2-3x as much for their short shifter? Is it better?

We at MWR work hard to bring you the best parts at the most competitive pricing possible. This is a fantastic shifter, the best on the market in our experience. We sell a lot of them so we can offer a great price. It’s that simple!

Install video:

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 2 in

12 reviews for MWR Short Shifter – Toyota Corolla 2003-13 MT

  1. Peter Man Kit Yeung

    the SS is great! the throws are firmer and more precise. its around 30% reduction. But it has a massive lowered height (tiny bit low for me, but ill get used to it). not sure about other trim models, my xrs’s shift boot top part will not fit into the SS. to keep your shift boot, take off the top part (turn it inside out) and rip it off.

  2. William Wong

    Great Product! great fitment too.
    Wish they come with instruction though.

  3. michael tucker (verified owner)

    an excellent replacement for my 2003 Corolla T3.

    if shipping to the UK however be prepared to pay £21.70 for import/handling fees from the post office.

  4. zubaer hassan

    Excellent feel through gear change. Also purchased the cable bushing. it definitely feel tight. worthy purchase.

  5. bendrx (verified owner)

    ’08 Corolla. Great kit. The shifter feels like it should, nice and “notchy” as I call it, but most importantly decisive. I installed the base bushing and the short shift at the same time. Love them both. I would say the base bushing would be worth doing even by themselves if for some reason the short shift was undesired. I say get both, well worth the money.

  6. daleojustin (verified owner)

    This short shifter is amazing. I have a 2013 Corolla that I autocross and the throw of the OEM shifter was huge. The MWR Short Shifter was easy to install and has made a huge difference in the throw. One of the best things I’ve bought for my car.

  7. anovelli (verified owner)

    The shifter feels great, the only thing is that it feels very loose in the shifter assembly. There is a lot of left to right play, but otherwise it is great. Could have directions too

  8. Daniel Amorim (verified owner)

    Just installed this short shifter along with the MWR bushings on the transmission. Completely transformed the feel of the shifter. I absolutely love it. The only complaint I have is that the shifter sits a little low compared to stock. It also comes with no instructions however it is a straight forward installation.

  9. Jacob Norman (verified owner)

    Great upgrade from the stock shifter assembly! The shifter is much more direct now. It feels a lot better with a weighted shift knob over the stock one so I recommend upgrading that along with the short shifter. The shifter cable bushings compliment the short shifter very well.
    The toughest part was taking apart the original assembly without breaking the plastic parts so take your time with disassembly.

  10. Garrett Pyscher (verified owner)

    Bought this and the shifter cable bushings at the same time. 12 year old car almost 100k miles. The shifter was getting sloppy. A lot of play left to right and in each gear. I was having issues grinding gears but 4th specifically. It just wouldn’t fully go into gear unless I pushed hard. Shifting is now extremely precise with no play. Very solid and steady. Worth every penny for these. This set came with better bolts and spacers also so it’s not an awkward positioned height either. I will be ordering from MWR again.

    If your shifter is feeling sloppy or wobbly or has play then this is a great combo to buy. Shifts and drives like new.

  11. strangedog8 (verified owner)

    Great shifter! Installed with the shifter cable bushings. The feel of shifting between gears is now very tight and much more precise. Well worth the money.

  12. Ruben Garcia (verified owner)

    Just installed this short shifter along with the MWR bushings on the transmission. Completely transformed the feel of the shifter. I absolutely love it. The only complaint I have is there isn’t any lol easy install great product all around thank you MWR BTW FIRST TIME BUYING FROM U GUYS AND WILL CONTINUE TOO BUY

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