MWR Short Shifter – Toyota Matrix/Vibe 2003-08 (NOT COROLLA)

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Increase the speed and accuracy of your shifts with MWR’s own short shifter. Shift throw is reduced by approximately 25% – a very noticeable improvement without being overly short.

Works great with the stock shifter knob or add any aftermarket shift knob designed to fit these cars. Complete replacement assembly adds precision and strength to the shifting experience..

2003-08 Toyota Matrix / Pontiac Vibe All (Manual Only)

note: this shifter does not include or require base bushings. It bolts directly to the car, no bushings needed.


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

8 reviews for MWR Short Shifter – Toyota Matrix/Vibe 2003-08 (NOT COROLLA)

  1. Jordan Turner (verified owner)

    Great product, excellent packing, and well written instructions that super cede the repair manual. After completing the installation i could not shift into 5th/ 6th gear. after re-reading the instructions i called and a helpful technician made a suggestion. I took my console back off and checked everything and realized the problem was caused by the chrome trim ring that meets the stock shift knob and comes in contact with the allen head bolt at 12 o’clock on the shifter.all in all i like the performance but wanted to keep the stock appearance. … now i get to shop for the perfect shift knob!!!

  2. Maximillian Jansen (verified owner)

    Great product with wonderful results. It was a pretty easy install, the only thing that proved tricky was getting the shifter cables to fit back into the holders on the new assembly. Directions were easy to follow, although they were just the TWM instructions without pictures.

  3. Andrew (verified owner)

    Awesome short shifter kit. Very precise and it probably cut down shift throws by almost half. Easy to install, took about half an hour. Shipping was fast too. Very happy with MWR.

  4. Danny (verified owner)

    The kit is well built and fixed alot of what toyota missed on the OE setup…
    However i found the shifter to be too low, and therefore not enough leverage to change gears without too much force. I literally was fighting to put it in reverse as the stick was literally too short- if the shifter and knob sat 2 inches higher i would be giving this a full 5 stars.

  5. Brandon Legault Johnson (verified owner)

    This Shifter Kit is all you need if you’re looking for the ultimate short throw and precise gear changes!
    Installed on my ’05 Pontiac Vibe at my work in about 30 minutes without any issues, the only tricky part of re-install was to get the shifter cables to sit in the holders on the shifter assembly.
    I have the Shifter Cable Bushings as well and the feeling of the combo is a precise, solid shifting product that feels great! The only issue unfortunately is the shifter shaft being a bit low which makes it a little tougher to get into gear but can easily be fixed with shifter shaft extensions.
    Overall this is a well built product that makes that sloppy, boring shifting into a completely new feeling.

  6. Grant Kohler (verified owner)

    No more plastic soft and mushy throws, love it!

  7. Alan Morales (verified owner)

    Very impressive quality! Love the knotchy shifts and perfect shifter height couldn’t really ask for more, Shipping was pretty fast and thanks for the Swedish fish how’d you know it was my favorite?!

  8. BRANDON AGNEW (verified owner)

    03 Vibe GT with E153 5spd – The difference is ridiculous. Feels sooooooo much better especially with the speed source cable bushings under the hood. Install was cake, but like everyone says the most difficult part is putting the shift cables back into the new steel assembly. Put a new custom shift boot on it as well from RedLine Goods.

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