MWR Supercharger Kit – Celica 2ZZ Cable Throttle – TVS900

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2000-02 Celica GTS (North America) Manual or Automatic
2000-05 Celica GTS/Sportivo (worldwide with cable throttle)  Manual or Automatic
If you have a 2003-05 North American model with electronic throttle click HERE


This kit does not fit any other 2zz applications – separate specific kits are available for MR2 Spyder and Matrix/Corolla/Vibe 2ZZ.

Are you ready for the next level of Bolt-On performance for your Celica

Introducing Monkeywrench Racing’s 2ZZ supercharger kit; a bolt-on solution that adds tons of fun out of the box. This kit is the perfect compliment to the high revving 2ZZ, adding instant throttle response, addicting torque over the entire power band, and plenty of top end power. This kit can be installed with the engine in the vehicle; typical install time is 6-8 hours of labor and only common hand tools are required. If equipped with air conditioning, that system bust be evacuated, a hose disconnected and reconnected for belt installation, then the system must be recharged. The kit is non-intercooled, so you won’t need to worry about coolant lines or tube routing in the cramped Celica engine bay and install is greatly simplified. Install is also much simpler than for a turbo system.

Featuring a state of the art ultra-efficient Magnuson TVS900 Supercharger designed to MWR’s specifications, this kit makes 6-7 PSI of boost on the default 71mm TVS pulley (included); perfect for use on premium 91+ octane gasoline. We also offer an upgrade 65mm TVS PULLEY which increases boost to 8-10psi, perfect for 93 octane and providing an additional 20-25hp bump compared with the 71mm pulley. The same belt works for either SC pulley. Kit includes correct belt for vehicles equipped with standard pulleys and air conditioning. If you have removed air conditioning or have installed underdrive accessory pulleys or your belt drive system is irregular in some way please see our BELT SELECTION GUIDE and add the belt you need to your order.

Please note that TVS superchargers spin faster than the older tech MP62 superchargers so pulley sizes are smaller for the same boost level.

The supercharger’s factory fill of oil is rated for 100,000+ miles; no other maintenance is required.

Standard power of stock 2ZZ: 180-190hp (depends on intake, header, ECU type)

Power output with MWR TVS900 2ZZ supercharger: 240-275+hp (depends on intake, header, ECU type)

Kit includes:

  • Magnuson TVS900 supercharge with standard 71mm pulley
  • MWR cast aluminum inlet and outlet manifolds
  • MWR custom supercharger brace
  • MWR alternator relocation brackets and wire harness
  • MWR cruise control relocation bracket and harness
  • Gates top quality belt, specially sized for the application
  • NGK performance spark plugs
  • All required installation brackets and hardware
  • Silicone sealant
  • Installation instructions

Needed to complete the install (sold separately!):

Engine managementtuning is required with this supercharger upgrade. If you already have a Power FC or MWR ECU Master Black or eManage Ultimate then you’re all set, just let us know and we can email you a tune.

Simplest and least expensive standalone option is the Power FC (manual transmission only). It plugs right in and works great. We’ll even preload the tune for you. If you want to do additional tuning on your own we recommend buying the Datalogit tuning cable separately.

For a feature rich standalone ECU with lots of extra features but somewhat more complex tuning, choose the MWR ECU Master Black. When you select that option with this purchase we also include the Plug N Play harness and the required wideband O2 sensor kit.

A simpler option which also maintains full OBD2 functionality is the GReddy eManage Ultimate. It is the most powerful piggyback system that’s ever been available and handles the tuning for this application very well. When you select this option we include a pretuned eManage Ultimate main unit plus Plug  N Play harness.

Many other standalone systems are capable of working with this kit but require custom install and tuning and MWR provides no wiring or base map support for these options.

Injectors – All of our base tunes are configured for MWR  525cc injectors.  If you already have injectors and will be doing your own tuning, anything 440cc or higher will work. You will have to alter tuning to suit injectors other than the 525’s. Fuel pump upgrade is NOT required.

Clutch – Driven gently, a stock 2ZZ clutch will sometimes work, for a while at least. It is recommended that you upgrade to a good street clutch like  Exedy ST1. If you have an automatic transmission then no trans upgrades are needed. The manual and automatic transmissions equipped with these vehicles generally handle supercharged power levels just fine if not severely abused.

Dyno results

Some examples of results we’ve seen on our dyno. Stock 2ZZ  naturally aspirated swap for baseline, vs MWR supercharger kit installed all on a stock 2ZZ engine with tuning as noted. Numbers are horsepower measured at the wheels; add 13% or so to get crankshaft hp ( for example, 215hp at the wheels on our dyno = 250hp at crankshaft). Your numbers will vary significantly with different bolt on modifications, weather, fuel types and different dyno types.

The first graph demonstrates results with 71mm pulley and a standalone ECU. Power FC or ECU Master Black will produce the same exact output and drivability. VVT and VVL are optimized and rev limiter is increased slightly producing optimal power curve and smooth driving.

Second graph is the result with piggyback. If you are on a tighter budget and/or are in an area where full OBD2 functionality is required then this is the option for you. The car still runs well and pulls hard but without the ability to optimize VVT and VVL, output is somewhat lower and not quite as smooth. There is generally no check engine light on as long as tune is good but due to variations in modifications and vehicles we cannot guarantee this.

Will your car be running on 93+ octane? Upgrade to our 65mm pulley for a +20-25hp bump! No other changes are required.

Do you have some good bolt ons and want to dial in a more aggressive tune? 275+ hp (crank) is possible on the 65mm pulley.





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