MWR Toyota Transmission – Lotus/Celica 6-spd 3.9:1 non-LSD – New


Shifter Shaft (Required for Conversion from 5-speed) * 

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An MWR exclusive
Custom Monkeywrench Racing transmission built in-house using 100% brand new Lotus/Toyota OEM parts.

This is a very special transmission
It will bolt right up to any 1ZZ or 2ZZ engine and is specially modified by MWR so that it may be installed in any 05+ Lotus Elise, Exige or 2-eleven or 00+ Celica GT or GTS. No adapters, other parts or or custom work of any kind are required for the installation. Works with stock or aftermarket clutches, flywheels, shifters, shifter cables, axles.

Performance and Value
You get a factory fresh 6-speed transmission; compare that to Toyota’s retail price of over $2450 with no options for gearing or fitment!

Gear selection
Axle ratio is 3.941:1, so it is a very usable transmission for street driving and it works excellent with forced induction. Revs are considerably lower on the highway than they would be with a US market 4.5:1 Lotus/Celica transmission (~3100 rather than 4000 (Lotus) or 3600 (Celica) at 80mph) so fuel economy is noticeably better. Most people find that because of the Celica’s and especially the Lotus’s light weight there is little or no penalty in acceleration times with supercharged or turbocharged engines though it will definitely slow down naturally aspirated cars. There can actually be an acceleration advantage for forced induction cars because the lower gears are much more usable and less shifting is required.

Quality and strength
Built with 100% new OEM parts so it is as strong as an OEM transmission. MWR recommends a maximum of 275whp for road course use and 350whp for street use though actual transmission durability will vary based on usage, vehicle weight, torque, clutch type and heat. If you will be exceeding those numbers you should definitely consider stronger solutions such as Jubu or Kaaz gear upgrades or MWR E153 swap for high power street or road course. Because of varying customer power levels and usages MWR guarantees only initial quality and function.

1st: 3.166
2nd: 1.904
3rd: 1.310
4th: 0.969
5th: 0.815
6th: 0.725
Final Drive: 3.941

US Lotus and Celica 6-spd Ratios:
1st: 3.166
2nd: 2.050
3rd: 1.481
4th: 1.166
5th: 0.916
6th: 0.815 Lotus (0.725 Celica)
Final Drive: 4.529

US Spyder 5-spd Ratios:
1st: 3.166
2nd: 1.904
3rd: 1.392
4th: 1.031
5th: 0.815
Final Drive: 4.312

Shifter Shaft
If your MR2-S already has a 6-speed shifter installed, you may re-use it and save the cost of the assembled shaft.  If you are converting from a 5-speed, you DO need the shifter shaft.

Additional information

Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in