MWR Turbo Kit – GT/GTX 28/30 – Toyota Celica 00-05 GT GTS


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Monkeywrench Racing is proud to offer the ultimate turbo kit for the 2000-2005 Celica.

Included with the kit:
– Garrett GT or GTX ball bearing turbo; fully v-band mounted with premium Tial stainless turbine housing
– Stainless TIG welded equal length tubular turbo manifold (header)
– Integrated Turbosmart external wastegate and outlet tube routed in to downpipe
– Full 3″ stainless mandrel bent v-band downpipe, full length midpipe with catalytic converter and flex section
– K&N high flow air filter
– Mandrel bent powder coated aluminum intercooler piping
– Large 12″ x 24″ x 3″ front mount intercooler
– Turbosmart blow off valve
– Top quality silicone couplers and stainless T-bolt clamps
– All oil and coolant lines, fittings, hardware and clamps
– (4) NGK BKR7E Spark Plugs
– Complete installation instructions

This is the ultimate turbo kit for the Celica owner who is looking for any power level. The Garrett GT series turbochargers have dual ball bearings for a longer life and incredibly quick spoolup. The GTX adds a custom billet compressor wheel for even higher flow and quicker spoolup. The Tial stainless turbine not only cuts pounds from the turbo’s weight; it makes installation and service of the turbocharger incredibly easy. We use the race-proven Turbosmart blow off valve- don’t settle for a cheap Chinese knockoff or an undersized leaky plastic Volkswagen valve. Our intercooler core stands a monstrous 24” wide and 12” tall by 3” thick- more than double the size of the intercoolers in some cheaper kits. Cooling is critical in any turbocharger system for maximum power and long-term durability of the engine. Our stainless turbo manifold is professionally TIG welded for maximum strength for a long service life.

Turbo Selection:

GT2860RS: Recommended for up to 360hp with extremely quick spoolup. Works great on a stock or mildly built engine.
GT2871R: Recommended for up to 475hp with quick spoolup. Works great on a built engine.
GTX2860R Gen2: Recommended for up to 475hp with EXTREMELY quick spoolup. Works great on a stock or mildly built engine.
GTX2867R Gen2: Recommended for up to 550hp with very quick spoolup, similar to GT2860RS. Works great on a built engine.
GTX3071R Gen2: Recommended for up to 650hp with responsive spoolup, less laggy than GT3076R. Works great on a built engine or stroker.
GTX3076R Gen2: Recommended for up to 750hp with responsive spoolup, less laggy than GT3076R. Works great on a built engine or stroker.

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Completing the kit:

This kit comes with everything you need for a complete installation on your Celica minus engine management and fuel system. Recommendations:

250-325whp If you’re considering this turbo kit you already know it takes a built engine to reliably exceed 275whp. 1ZZ needs upgraded pistons and rods for up to 400whp. 2ZZ needs forged pistons for up to 400whp; add upgraded rods for 400+whp. We recommend you add an Apexi Power FC (00-05 GT 5-spd and 00-02 GTS 6-spd only) or MWR AEM EMS (all years and models) system for engine management and 630cc injectors and a MWR 255 pump for fuel. Purchase those items when you purchase the turbo kit and we’ll load a base map on the Power FC or EMS free of charge. The base map is a great way to get going fast and easy but we do recommend a fine tune on a dyno for best results.

325-400 whp – You’ll also need the MWR FPR and return line kit to maintain a proper and safe fuel pressure.

400+ whp – Go with some bigger injectors; 700, 800, 900 cc/min. See injector descriptions and choose the size that safely covers your power goals.

Other recommended upgrades:
– Clutch – The stock clutch doesn’t stand a chance! Under 10psi the ACT HDSS, Exedy ST2 and Competition Clutch ST2 will handle the power and work great. Over 10psi the MWR Gorilla Street or ACT XTSS clutch works great if the car is driven on the street. The puck style racing clutches work too but will tend to wear faster and are harder on the transmission.
– Boost gauge
– Boost controller
– Oil pan: the turbo oil drain requires a 5/8″ fitting on the oil pan. Choose the Moroso aluminum oil pan or you may also add a fitting to your original oil pan (requires welding)

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