NGK BKR7EIX Iridium Spark Plug (1) – Toyota 2ZZ, 1ZZ – Heat Range 7


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Fits ALL 1ZZ-FE and 2ZZ-GE engines.

MWR recommends NGK’s 7 heat range plugs in all turbocharged, supercharged or nitrous fed engines. They are also good for high heat applications such as road racing. They have excellent durability and performance. Heat range 7 is 1 range colder than stock for 2ZZ engine, 2 ranges colder than stock for 1ZZ. Works fine for street or racing use.

Pregapped, no need to adjust gap

These NGK Iridium IX spark plugs feature an ultra fine center electrode that’s designed to ensure maximum durability and life of the spark plug. Iridium provides as good or better spark compared with traditional copper plugs, while lasting 3-4x as long. Comparable lifespan to a platinum plug but MUCH higher performance.

Price is for one spark plug. If you need 4, please order 4.

Lotus reference A128E6006F

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