Speed Source Clutch Push Rod – Toyota 1ZZ 2ZZ All



This items falls under the classification of “problem solver.”

Many people have found that aftermarket clutches, especially those with heavy pressure plates, make complete disengagement of the clutch difficult. This makes gear changes difficult and may make the transmission grind when shifting from neutral. This clutch slave cylinder push rod is ¼” longer than stock and is made from CNC turned 303 stainless steel. A slightly longer shaft puts the slave cylinder piston further back in its bore, thus allowing a longer stroke and more disengagement. Installation is simple and does not require bleeding the clutch (Although recommended.)

Pushrod fits all 1ZZ and 2ZZ transmissions, including MR2 Spyder, Celica, Matrix, Corolla, Elise, Exige, etc. Especially useful with MWR Gorilla or ACT Xtreme pressure plates.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × .05 × .05 in

7 reviews for Speed Source Clutch Push Rod – Toyota 1ZZ 2ZZ All

  1. Edward Durand (verified owner)

    Great upgrade. The description is right on. The pedal feels higher on my 03 Vibe GT but this could have been due to the new clutch. But there is a nice disengagement point. Great factory upgrade too.

  2. Brian Moyle (verified owner)

    This helped to solve my 1st to 2nd gear change at high RPM along with a new clutch and better gearbox oil. Now it shifts perfectly every time.

    04 Corolla Sportivo

  3. robert osborne (verified owner)

    Totally improved the quality of my shifts. No more 1st too 2nd lock outs at high rpms. also improved my downshiftablity! Great price on an effective fix for the c60 trans.

    installed on 2000 celica gts

  4. Zane Rapp (verified owner)

    put this in my 2004 6 speed base vibe, and WOW. the clutch feels totally different, up and down shifts are so much easier, and getting into reverse without grinding is cake now. ANY car that can use this should have it!

  5. Andrew Turner (verified owner)

    I love this little thing! makes getting into reverse easy, no more crunchy shifts. Installed it with a stage 2 clutch for piece of mind, it feels wonderful.

  6. Corey Fleming (verified owner)

    Installed this push rod on my 07 Matrix SC after a C60 swap with lightened flywheel and aftermarket clutch. THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!! After my swap, the throw on my clutch pedal was out of sync, even after bleeding the slave cylinder. This little life saver made the pedal feel like stock again, while keeping all the benefits of my upgrades.

    Cheap to buy and super easy to install, (10 minutes!) Highly recommended!

  7. nathan smith

    Not exactly an easy project. Took me a while just to get the old one out. Definitely noticed a positive difference.
    Took about 45 min for me. You dont have to take off the slave cylinder but being that i was working on my spyder, everything is very close and tight fit so it might have been easier of a task for a different toyota, just not the mr2. Don’t have any unnecessary crunching when goin to reverse in the drive way after 1st start up. Highly suggested if you have an upgraded clutch!!!

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