Speed Source Shifter Cable Bushing Set – Toyota Models (various)

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2000-05 Celica
2000-05 MR2 Spyder
1998-2019 Corolla, iM All (except some european models)
2003-2012 Matrix/Vibe All

These bushings are both 21.8mm OD- if you have a europe model corolla please check your bushings before ordering.

Does not fit Lotus models.

This shifter bushing kit will help to tighten the feel of your shifter by eliminating the stock rubber bushing in the shift cable at the transmission. After a few years, the stock rubber and metal sleeved bushing will wear and deteriorate, making the shifter feel less precise and slowing down your shifting times!

These CNC machined solid brass bushings give you back your shifter feel, and really connect you to the transmission. Installation is simple and takes about 30 minutes.

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Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in

19 reviews for Speed Source Shifter Cable Bushing Set – Toyota Models (various)

  1. Carl Nyman

    Easy to install and made a big difference in shifter feel. Almost feels like the shifter is in the transmission. The stock bushings were hideous in regard to being able to hit which one of the six speeds that are available. This product cleared the problem up. Now have 70k miles and it is just like it was when installed. If you do not have these in your car, get them immediately. You will thank yourself. 05 Matrix XRS

  2. Edward Durand (verified owner)

    Awesome upgrade. I highly recommend this upgrade. I installed them on my 03 Vibe Gt and shifts are nice clicks. its very easy to install. I would use them with stock parts too.

  3. Alexander Nikitin (verified owner)

    Goooooood stuff! For JDM Runx inner hole must be 12mm. Just drill it 😉

  4. Philippe Vialle (verified owner)

    Perfect! Perfect! Combined with the base bushing kit, it feels like the shifter is directly attached to the transmission!
    This upgrade fits perfectly and is worth every penny!

    Celica GT 2000

  5. Damien Mitchell (verified owner)

    To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first. I installed them this morning (ten minute job if you have a CAI). Tried them a little with the car turned off, figured if nothing else they felt a little better.
    Drove in to work and it’s a huge difference. I was having grinding issues shifting from 1st to 2nd at anything over 5,000rpm. WAS. I guess the old rubber bushing would squish just enough that I was releasing the clutch a little too soon trying to keep the revs high. These fixed that. Tightened the whole thing up nicely. No more cringing when I shift now. Best $26 mod I’ve ever did.

  6. Damien Mitchell (verified owner)

    Ever done. Don’t write reviews while talking to a bunch of people.

  7. nathan smith (verified owner)

    Not bad at all. Worth the money. To be honest I didn’t think it would make a big difference but it did. Don’t expect more power; just really precise shifts. Works best with mwr short throw shifter and upgraded base bushings.

  8. Steve Rodemoyer (verified owner)

    Ordered these for my ’07 matrix on a monday night, rec’d them on friday, after a holiday.

    Install took about 20 minutes, and i took my time.

    On a 120k mile car, these returned the shifter to brand-new feel. Highly recommend them for anything they fit.

  9. Edgars Ozolnieks (verified owner)

    Felt some improvement in precision upgrade and free movement reduction.
    Fit perfectly, no adjustments needed.

  10. matt russo (verified owner)

    Paired these with MWR short shifter kit and new shifter cables and I can’t even explain to you the difference. Simply amazing. If Youre running a near-stock 2z I urge you to buy these to get your “lift” shifts right!

  11. Robert Justice (verified owner)

    Like the others I was also a little skeptical. Took about an hour to install, and the hardest part was simply dealing with the limited space to work in. In terms of normal shifting feel, it has definitely improved, but not leaps and bounds necessarily. The REAL reason to buy this is the problem the C60 transmission has with downshifting into 1st and 2nd gear. Since I bought my Celica GTS I COULD NOT downshift into either gear. I think the stock rubber bushing was deforming too much and not allowing me to apply enough force to get it to go into gear. After installing this brass bushing I can finally downshift into 1st and 2nd gear! No more shifting hang ups! Because of that alone I consider this a pivotal modification to make that every Celica owner and C60 user should do. Really, just buy it, now. The stock rubber shift bushings are a weak link in the system that cause severe problems. Get rid of them immediately and buy these. It will be the best $26 you’ve spent on the car.

  12. Charles (verified owner)

    Before: Shifting into gears took much effort.
    After: Smooth as silk and no effort needed to get into gear.

    Great product and will not deteriorate like the OEM rubber.

  13. Brandon Legault Johnson (verified owner)

    I drive a 2005 Pontiac Vibe (based off a Toyota Matrix) and bought these shifter cable bushings.
    Install took about 30 minutes but could have EASILY saved 5-10 minutes if I had have sprayed PB Blaster in advance, also I used the OEM cotter pins again cause the ones that came with it seemed like they would fall off due to vibration.
    I can say before installing them the shifting into gears weren’t as precise but now it’s a much effortless shift and engages smoother than the rubber bushings, it’s a must buy for the price!

  14. Viktamon (verified owner)

    2001 Toyota Corolla Manual Transmission.
    It took about 30m to install them, I used the original pins. I cleaned everything nicely before installing. I’m still having trouble with my 3rd gear it goes in hard but my 2nd works fine now. I did noticed my BOOT, DUST (FOR SHIFT & SELECT LEVER SHAFT) is torn and I can see a little oil. So maybe that’s the problem

  15. Corbin Titus (verified owner)

    I usually don’t write reviews for products I buy, but I just had to for this one. I read all the good reviews and decided to pick them up. Would’ve been a 15 – 20 min install with a CAI, however the old rubber bushings were SO HARD to remove, it took forever them, and in the process, I actually broke a piece of the shift linkage (the one by the battery) and caused 2nd, 4th, and 6th to be so sloppy, (still engaged), but 1st 3rd and 5th felt perfect. Went outside yesterday and JB Welded the pieces that snapped, while I was at it, I lubed the selector forks and stuff connected to the tranny, and drove it a good bit today (Putting lots of force on 2nd 4th and 6th) and it’s held up, I land my 1 – 2 shifts PERFECT every time, and I seriously recommend getting this.

  16. N8Dizzel@comcast.net (verified owner)

    This is s very good product and its a huge improvement. Combine this with a short shifter and your in business. Some people may consider this to add a harsh feel to the shifter because vibration will travel through the cable easier but it’s really not that bad.

    THE BAD:
    When the product arrived I was disappointed to see that they are produced with little to no finish work. By this I mean the product has a very rough appearance to it. You can see tooling marks and skufs and indentations. What bothered me tho was that they had a very rough feel to them. This was unacceptable to me. I grabbed my trusty dremmel and ran some buffing compound over them. Then finished up with a very intensive polishing job with some flitz polishing compound. My goal was not to remove the tool marks. Only to smooth up the bushing so that if and when it needs to slide against moving parts, it would not bind or drag. I would recommend that anyone who purchases this product to do this process before installation.

  17. N8Dizzel@comcast.net (verified owner)

    These are a must for anyone that has a manual transmission. I did not experience any extra vibration or harshness while shifting. I have a short shifter and these bushing really improved the overall feel of shifting. The best way I can describe it is. Shifting feels more mechanical and deliberate.

    One thing I was not happy with was the condition the bushings arrived in. They have a very rough unfinished look to them. There is tooling marks and random dings and scoring. What I did was hit them with some buffing compound with my dremmel then followed up by some flitz polishing compound, paying extra attention to the holes inside the bushings. Before installing I applied silicone paste to the inside and outside of the bushings.

  18. Kronictinman (verified owner)

    I installed these on my 2005 Toyota Corolla XRS and it’s an incredible difference. I Couldn’t downshift from second to first without double clutching and most times not even. I’m able to shift from second and first doing 20 Km without an issue.

  19. Nobelious (verified owner)

    An absolute must on any manual transmission Toyota that you have. Bought these for my 2011 Corolla 5 speed and it transformed the driving experience! I own a few of these cars and going back and forth between a car with these solid shifter bushings and one with the stock rubber ones, the difference is very noticeable. Highly recommend these for how cheap they cost!

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