SSC Gear Upgrade – 3rd+4th Helical Lotus/Toyota C60, C64



2005-12 Elise, Exige, 2-eleven (2ZZ powered)
2000-05 Celica GTS
2003-06 Matrix XRS
2005-06 Corolla XRS
2001+ Corolla Runx / Sportivo (2ZZ powered)

Fits other transmissions such as C63, C66 and even 5-speed C transmissions, just be aware the ratios are slightly different than your stock gears so typically rpm drop into 3rd will be a little less than it used to be, but rpm drop into 5th will be slightly larger.

SSC brings you the strongest and most affordable solution to the c-series transmission’s 3rd and 4th gear breakage problem. Similar to the Jubu gear set but at a lower price. Supercharged Lotus cars with even modest power increases are known to break both 3rd and 4th gear on the track even with gentle usage. Higher power setups like turbocharged engines are known to break 3rd and 4th even more easily, even on the street. Swap them out before they break and spread debris throughout your engine, ruining other gears and bearings (not to mention bringing your track session to an abrupt end!)

These gears are helical cut so they’ll sound similar (though slightly louder than) stock and are synchronized so they’ll drive just like stock. Ratios are slightly longer than stock (1.44 and 1.11) which equalizes the gear spread and improves performance in higher speed situations. These gears are made of a much stronger material than the fragile stock gears.

To install these gears you will need to transfer over the synchro engagement teeth rings from your old 3rd and 4th gears. If those are in good shape you can reuse those and your synchros, though most people replace the synchros since they’re very inexpensive. If your 3rd and 4th have their engagement teeth badly worn you’d need to purchase new OEM 3rd and 4th drive gears to get those synchro teeth rings, they are not available separately. If replacing, be sure that the synchros and the hub ring (slider) being installed are the same generation (00-02 or 03+) as the new OEM gears purchased. The early gears are discontinued so chances are you’d be going with the  03+ setup.

Track tested, these gears have proven themselves at over 400hp. Don’t try that on stock gears! Estimated power rating from manufacturer: 400hp and 265 ft-lb

This kit is a MWR favorite!

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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