SSC Rear Toe Link Brace Kit – Lotus Elise/Exige


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Fits all 2005+ Elise and Exige models. A MUST for any car that sees track time and an awfully good idea for street cars. Do not risk your safety on the weak, failure-prone stock toe links.

Pros: Eliminates the compliance in your rear geometry set up
Cons: Fitment also requires a full alignment

SSC’s Opinion: A must for anyone putting their car on the track with R-Spec tyres

More details: The Simply Sports Cars rear toe-link kit has been designed to give the highest level of performance of any toe link kit on the market. It completely eliminates all weak points of Lotus and other after- market systems by replacing all of the ball joints with the highest grade chrome moly spherical rod ends on both the inboard and outboard ends. Each side is linked by a zinc plated seamless tubular steel cross brace which stiffens the whole assembly and puts the inboard end in double shear. The outboard end features a high tensile zinc plated steel taper designed to fit directly into the upright eliminating any bending and play that can be found in the standard ball joints. The aluminium linkage rods have both RH and LH threads for easy adjustment on the rod ends and have been designed as a sacrificial part so that in the event of an accident only one component needs replacing resulting in no damage to the sub frame. This set up increases stability and minimises rear toe movement when you need it most. Despite adding a stiffening cross brace the SSC kit at 2.3kg weighs less than the standard Lotus braces which weigh in at 2.4kg.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in


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