Tial Turbocharger – V-band Garrett GT28RS 0.86


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The GT28RS turbocharger is recommended for 250-360hp applications. The 0.86 a/r turbine housing provides good spoolup and maximum flow for best performance at high RPM and high power levels.

Garrett’s ball bearing GT series turbos are the standard by which all other turbos are judged.

MWR custom builds this Garrett turbo with Tial’s stainless v-band turbine housing. Its efficient design means it is a couple of pounds lighter than a Garrett turbine housing. The v-band connections make turbo install and removal quick and easy. No more gaskets to leak or require replacement- the v-band connections require no gaskets. Tial was also clever enough to maintain the same flange size and placement for all of their 28 through 35 series turbine housings. That means for example that you can buy an entry level v-band GT28RS turbo now, use it a while, and if you decide to do a really crazy engine build later you can simply bolt in a 750hp GTX3582R with no changes needed to your exhaust manifold (header) or downpipe. Easy! Tial v-band turbine housings to not have internal wastegates so an external wastegate is required.

Like the other Tial/GT and Tial/GTX turbos we sell, this turbo has dual ball bearing construction for quick spool and excellent durability. It also has a water cooled cartridge for long service life even in extreme conditions. If you’re doing your own custom install consider purchasing the MWR oil/water hose kit so you will have all of the proper special fittings and the required oil feed restrictor.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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