Toyota 2ZZ-GE Engine (Long Block) – Used 20-60k – Air Injection


Liftgate Charge *

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These are the best complete ultra low mile Toyota 2ZZ-GE 1.8L VVTLi 180/190hp engines available anywhere.

  • Low 25-60k miles
  • Fully inspected for leaks or other defects
  • Compression and leakdown tested – we’re picky!
  • Valvetrain inspected, LIFT BOLTS replaced!

2003-2005 Celica GTS (North American models with air injection)
2004-2006 Matrix/Corolla XRS (North American models with air injection)
Lotus Elise/Exige/2-eleven 2ZZ All (these models came with air injection engines but the air injection is not used so you may use an engine with or without air injection ports)

**If you live in California or anywhere else that the engine VIN is checked during inspection, and VIN on engine must be no older than the car, please email us to inform us with your order #**

This engine is intended as a replacement for an existing 2ZZ engine so coils, solenoids, pressure sensors and intake and exhaust manifolds are not included. Engine is complete from oil pan to valve cover as pictured.

You may choose to have us add upgraded pistons and/or cams – see options listed. Piston upgrade includes installation of new head gasket, timing cover seals and valve cover seals. Camshaft upgrade includes reshim.

Used engines come with a 30 day guarantee if installed in an unmodified vehicle. Initial function and performance is always guaranteed.

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Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 28 in