Toyota 2ZZ-GE Engine Matrix/Corolla Swap Package


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Complete ultra low mile Toyota 2ZZ-GE 1.8L VVTLi 180/190hp Matrix/Corolla ENGINE SWAP PACKAGE.

MWR keeps these engines in stock! We pack these with care so it generally takes 2-4 business days from the time of ordering until we load it on the truck to ship to your location. Prep time is slightly longer if you select LSD, piston or cam upgrades.

A good used 2ZZ engine is getting nearly impossible to find; the untested overseas engines are a real risk and are very often defective. MWR knows more about these engines than anyone so we start with the freshest engines money can buy (30-60k miles) and replace the lift bolts (often a BIG job!) and valve cover seal, plus we replace any cams, rockers, timing chain or other components if any significant wear is detected. We inspect for leaks, and perform a full compression/spin test. We also inspect thoroughly for any shipping/mechanical damage and missing sensors / solenoids. This is a LOT of work and involves some expensive components if replacements are made, that’s why our swap package costs more than the run of the mill unknown condition JDM drop out.

Once inspected, we take great care in preparing the package for installation including installing any possible swap parts and removing items that are not needed.


  • 2ZZ-GE engine FULLY INSPECTED AND COMPRESSION TESTED with sensors/solenoids
  • Lift bolts replaced
  • 03 Matrix XRS ECU with 8250rpm rev limit, 6200rpm VVL engagement
  • XRS intake manifold and throttle body (Idle air control cleaned, tested)
  • XRS exhaust manifold (header)
  • MWR VVL connector kit (works with your 03-04 1ZZ engine harness)
  • 2ZZ injectors, coils
  • 2ZZ alternator
  • 2ZZ power steering pump
  • 2ZZ OEM flywheel (used)

Works for 2003-04 Matrix/Corolla 1ZZ – bolts right in, very minor wiring. You must add your choice of XRS model Cold air intake and XRS cat pipe (or adapt your 1ZZ midpipe) – both sold separately.
Corolla/Matrix Cat Pipe

2005-08 Matrix/Corolla/Vibe 1ZZ – bolts right in but you will need to convert to mechanical throttle and change to 03-04 wiring. NOT AN EASY JOB and unfortunately MWR does not provide tech support for this job. NOT RECOMMENDED.

1998-02 Corolla – bolts in but wiring will be difficult and MWR does not provide tech support for that part of the job. Custom air intake and midpipe required.

When you place the order include your car’s model and year in the comments field and we’ll make sure to provide the best package possible for your swap.

Bolts to your stock 5-speed transmission or any Matrix/Corolla 6-speed transmission (sold separately).

Want your engine spiced up? We can install Mahle forged pistons (includes new head gasket, rod bearings, timing cover seals and valve cover seal) and/or MWR cams and valve springs (includes reshim)!

Used engines and rebuilt transmissions come with a 30 day guarantee if installed in an unmodified vehicle and used on the street. Initial function and performance is always guaranteed even if installed in heavily modified vehicle or used for racing.


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Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 28 in