Toyota OEM Intake Camshaft and Rocker Set (4) – 2ZZ-GE

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Brand new Toyota OEM camshaft and 4 rocker arms for 2ZZ-GE engine. Some 2ZZ engines, especially the 05+ models, have a problem that causes excessive wear to the larger intake camshaft lobes. If you catch it early you can simply swap out the camshaft and all is well. If you wait you will probably destroy your rocker arms and also you will be circulating debris through your oil system and risking further engine damage. At the first signs of abnormal wear replace that cam and the rockers if necessary! If you can feel a wear groove in the larger (VVL) cam lobes with your finger nail, especially if the engine is not high mileage, then it is probably bad. The problem usually occurs at lower mileage and is very noticeable by 20-30k miles. Be sure to also replace the rockers if the wear mark on them is wider than 2.5mm or if wear is significant near the edge of the pad.

Important instructions – read this before install:
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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 4 in

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  1. Edward Podlasek (verified owner)

    High Quality Parts! Was Shipped Fast! Everything That Could Be Expected Was!

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